Pattaya NNK United loses 0-2 to Chonburi United


The Dolphins went down to the Sharks again in the second encounter for the year, this time, unable to score. Local derbies are usually tense affairs, and this was no different. Chonburi started with greater intent though both goalkeepers were called into action in the first five minutes. Pattaya’s goalkeeper would be the busier of the night with several good saves, feinting at many wide shots and allowing two goals.

For Pattaya, the Pinto-Hassan upfront duo showed glimmers of their lethality; however, the net results were nil in this game. Midfielder Pina displayed his pinpoint and dangerous free-kicks, causing the most trouble for Thanachai in Chonburi goal. Chayawat was kept at bay though he did have few runs showing his yeoman contribution is still there. Though physically bigger than Chonburi on a whole, the Dolphins were not able to impose their size and dominate the match.

Chonburi showed up with a determined group who would not be bullied by Pattaya. The Sharks forward, Rodrigo, caused the most trouble for the Dolphins. Rodrigo’s presence, positioning and play (even defending) placed him as the focal point of attack. Some more support would have helped with the defensive heavy approach, which at times, were counterproductive. Adul’s return from Buriram was welcomed, playing as a defensive midfielder and directing the attacking backline. Defender Jongpil scoring the first goal through a header off a corner in the 43rd minute.

Both teams were guilty of amateur theatrics. Pattaya at times playing for the foul and Chonburi lazy approach to set plays. Pattaya played the counter-attacking game which worked in their previous games including a midweek draw with Navy. However, Chonburi did their homework and showed that they could play the same too. Officials would need to do some revising after this game – holding players hands and escorting them off the field (?).

Pattaya started the second-half with more determination, an offside, a penalty call, and a Pinto free kick centimeters high in the first five minutes. Chonburi’s Rodrigo got the game’s first yellow for a ridiculous foul on goalkeeper Patiwat in the 60th minute. This signaled the Sharks getting back into the match causing the Dolphins to scramble defensively in their penalty area three minutes later.

With 11 minutes remaining Pattaya made an attacking substitution with Patipan on for Pharanyu. Chonburi responded in kind two minutes later but a forward, Assumpcao, on for forward, Rodrigo. Desperation showed again with another yellow to the Sharks’ Adul. The Dolphins received a yellow card for a questionable handball in the 42nd minute. Assumpcao justified his earlier entrance with a beautiful curling dipper into the net for the game’s second goal.

Three minutes of extra time was not enough for Pattaya to get back in though they did manage some close offside calls. Both teams ended on an attacking note to bring the derby to a good end.

Pattaya’s next game is away to Bangkok United on Wednesday 29th June. Perhaps The Dolphins would do more to impress their new sponsors, Nongmaka, who was introduced before the match.