Parish back in form


PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, August 4, Khao Kheow – Stableford

The first Tuesday of every month is always a game at Khao Kheow, and this month was no different.  Now this course can be long when it rains and we all know that of late it has thrown it down, so we expected a long day, especially when we decided to play off the yellow tees.  For the uninitiated these are longer than the whites.

We had a good turnout and were soon fed and watered in BJ’s and on our way.  It is not a long trip up there and the drive was quite good with little traffic.  Coming into the course we saw the car park was not exactly packed and after a quick check-in we were soon on the first tee.

Brian Parish (right) with David Nicholson (left) and Noon from B.J.’s Holiday Lodge.

The test for the day was to be the B & C nines and as luck had it we were able to get away a little early.  Now this is a course that really does punish the bad shot, probably more than any other.  It is a well designed layout by a real sadist and danger lurks everywhere.  But on this day, with the course being wet, the ball would not run into trouble, or so we hoped.

So off we went and immediately we saw the ball did not seem to go very far, it was going to be a struggle.  The fairways were wet and no carts were allowed.  Once on the greens we found that they were still nice and fast despite being damp, but the ball did stop on the green and not bounce on.

The walkers were tired when we got around, but all said they had a great day.  After showering and having a quick bite in the restaurant it was soon time to go back to BJ’s for the results.

In the A Flight we had some really fine scores, but leading with a gross 74 and 38 points was Bob Watson.  Bob had just recently returned and it did not take him long to get back to the top.  We then had a count back on 36 points that saw Tommy Marshall in second, Landis Brooks in third and Alan Sullivan just missing out.

In the B Flight the winner was Derek Brook with 37 points, continuing his much better form of late.  Then a bit back in second place was Brad Robins with 30 points and in third was Daryl Evans with 29 on count back over George King.

Near Pins: Bob Watson (2), Brad Robins, Derek Brook

Friday, August 7, Greenwood – Stableford

1st Brian Parish (13) 36pts

2nd David Nicholson (18) 35pts

3rd Bob Watson (3) 35pts

4th Dick Warberg (19) 35pts

Near Pins: Takeshi Hakozaki(2), Maurice Roberts, Tommy Marshall

Another Friday and another booking up the 331, are we nuts or what?  Fortunately the traffic was not that heavy and within an hour all had arrived at Greenwood under cloudy skies.  After a quick check-in, and what value for money currently at this course, we were off to the first tee to get the round started.

Tuesday winners: Bob Watson (left) with Derek Brook.

Even with some recent rain in the area, carts were allowed in the fairways so no “Ball-in-Hand” today and it proved not to be required.  Playing the C and A nines in that order, we found the course in great condition with good grass under the ball in the fairways and the greens running at a reasonable speed and true.

With a three groups of Korean students in front of us, the pace was not the quickest, but our lead group still finished in just over 4 hours so not all that bad.  There was a brief, light rain shower mid-way through the front nine, but with the condoms on the bags and umbrellas up there was no need to take cover.

Round over it was a quick shower, cards collected and back on the road to Pattaya.  Back at BJ’s the scores were announced and we had four 35 point rounds coming in behind Brian Parish’s leading 36 point effort.  Several count-backs, going down to the last 3 holes, were required for the also-rans with Takeshi Hakozaki just missing out on a podium place.