O’Sullivan shines at Silky Oak


The Tara Court Golf Society

Sunday, March 3, Green Valley/Silky Oak – Stableford

For the first time this year we had so many players we had to split the group up and play two different courses, both Green Valley and Silky Oak.

The largest part of our group played on Green Valley and here we had three flights with the cut for the A flight coming in at thirteen, the B flight at twenty three and the C flight twenty four up. In the A flight Lawrie McBride (H’cap 13) was the winner with thirty seven points, Jack Featherston (12) came second with thirty six and Craig Hitchens (11) third on thirty three.

In the B flight Russell Gilroy (15) showed that his new reduced handicap is no problem as he came out the winner with an excellent thirty nine points, a score which will reduce his handicap even more for next week. Ken Hole (21) was second on thirty three points and Terry Mangan (19), who was also off a much reduced handicap, still managed to make third with thirty one points.

The scoring wasn’t as good in in the C flight and here Joe Peters (24) was surprised to learn that he was the winner with thirty two points. Pat Carty (24) also had thirty two but lost the countback to Joe and John McGarry (24) came third with twenty eight.

Kevin O’Sullivan.
Kevin O’Sullivan.

We had three 2s today, from Russell Gilroy, Lawrie McBride and Jack Featherston.

Over at Silky Oak we had only one flight but still got good scores on a course which we are not used to.

Kevin O’Sullivan (15) seems to like this course and came out a very clear winner with an excellent forty points. Paul Claffey (17) also played very well and took second with thirty six and we then had a countback for third on thirty four which went down to the last hole. Declan Kelly (12) birdied it and took the bronze while Jerry McCarthy (17) had to settle for fourth.

Jerry also had one of the two 2s we got today, Michael Byrne recording the other one.

Tuesday, March 5, Crystal Bay – Stableford

Like its sister course Mountain Shadow, Crystal Bay is also showing signs of wear & tear and a good general clean-up is required. The greens here are usually different speeds from B course to C course, and today was no exception.

The A division scoring was not great and Francis McGuigan (13) on 32pts beat Barney Sheedy (11) on countback. Nick Caulfield (7) was third with 31pts while 4th place was also decided on countback with Joe McArdle (14) on 30pts keeping Jack Fetherston (12) out of the prizes.

B division was won by 6 shots with Donal McGuigan (18) having a superb round of 41pts. In second was Frank McGowan (25) on 35pts, third went to Ted Murphy (24) with 34 and fourth to Pat Cullotty (23) on 33.

The big winner was Fred O’Connor with the only 2 for the day.

Thursday, March 7, Greenwood – Stableford

We played the B and C courses at Greenwood in that order and had two flights with the cut for the A flight coming in at fifteen.

Fred O’Connor.
Fred O’Connor.

Fred O’Connor (H/cap 30) had a serious problem a few years ago which meant that he had to have a leg amputated. He’s been coming to Thailand for many years and this year he has played his best golf ever. Today his thirty eight points won the B flight and was an excellent score. In second place was Glen Armistead (17) with thirty seven points and Frank McGowan (25) took third with thirty six. Peter Hudson (18) won a countback to claim fourth on thirty three points George Pearson.

The scoring wasn’t quite as good in the A flight and Craig Hitchens (11) was the winner with thirty five points. Kevin Blake (7) was second on thirty four, Declan Kelly (12) took third with thirty three and Francis McGuigan (13) made the fourth spot today and had the only 2.