O’Donovan delivers at Burapha

Colm O’Donovan (centre) with Tip Briney (left) and Darren Beavers.
Colm O’Donovan (centre) with Tip Briney (left) and Darren Beavers.

PSC Golf from the Pattaya Links Golf Society

Monday, July 1, Treasure Hill – Stableford

1st Paul Smith (4) 33pts

2nd Dave Hewson (9) 33pts

3rd Paul Chesney (21) 32pts

4th Donal McGuigan (19) 32pts

5th Derek Phillips (16) 32pts

The big question today was who won, the golfers or the course? As not one of the twenty-four starters could play to handicap, it must surely go down as a win for Treasure Hill.

Paul Smith carried on his Green Jacket form from Friday to score 33 points in a head to head with Dave Hewson, scoring the same but beaten on countback. Paul Chesney beat off two other contenders, scoring 32 points to take third place on countback over Donal McGuigan and Derek Phillips.

Near pins went to John Pierrel, Phil Davies and Iain Jones.

Wednesday, July 3, Burapha C & D – Stableford

1st Colm O’Donovan (16) 44pts

2nd Maurice Roberts (12) 42pts

3rd Kevin McEntee (11) 41pts

4th Derek Phillips (16) 40pts

When he arrived for this trip Colm O’Donovan stated that he wanted to get his handicap down to 16. Well, he did that with some top scoring and today smashed it again with an amazing 44 points at Burapha.

Only one flight today and finishing right behind Colm came some excellent scores to fill the podium. Maurice Roberts has had some good games recently and today’s 42 points, by far his best, gave him second place. Kevin McEntee chimed in with 41 points for third spot while Derek Phillips had one of his better days and, even though wiping ( blobbing) the last hole, put together 40 points to hold fourth place.

Near pins were claimed by Kevin McEntee, Colm O’Donovan, Jacob Cummings and Donal McGuigan.

Friday, July 5,
Eastern Star – Stableford

1st Donal McGuigan (18) 38pts

2nd Paul Chesney (21) 36pts

3rd Bernie Stafford (17) 34pts

4th Toby Glass (12) 34pts

5th Jacob Cummings (6) 33pts

Donal McGuigan stood out today with a well earned 38 points to take top spot in the one flight. Paul Chesney had a spell in the UK and has come back refreshed and showing good form for his first couple of games, today a very good 36 points. Bernie Stafford, in a rare appearance at Links, took third place on countback over another in-form player in Toby Glass, both with 34 points. Jacob Cummings, in his final game this trip, filled the last spot on the podium with 33 points.

Near pins went to Toby Glass, Derek Phillips, Jacob Cummings and Bernie Stafford.