Murray masters monthly medal


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Monday, Nov. 25, Green Valley (white tees) – Monthly Medal

1st Murray Hart (13) net 65

2nd Nigel Flanagan (12) net 67

T3rd Steve Snelgrove (7) net 68

T3rd Jeff Cordeiro (8) net 68

4th Ken Aihara (5) net 69 

First of all we must thank the staff at Green Valley for getting everyone out today, as they handled our 9 groups of Pattaya’s finest smoothly and efficiently.  It looked a bit dodgy up in the clouds as the rain was threatening, but it stayed away for a “fontok”-free round of golf under cool and overcast skies.  The golf course was in perfect shape once again.

Steve Snelgrove, Nigel Flanagan, Murray Hart and Ken Aihara.Steve Snelgrove, Nigel Flanagan, Murray Hart and Ken Aihara.

We had 5 golfers under the magic 70 number, which on any other Medal day could easily have won it all.  It’s a credit to their game, so congratulations all round to the lads up on today’s leaderboard for turning in some great scorecards in our Medal.

Steady Ken was in the chase but could only put together a round of 69, and we saw Cordeiro and Snelgrove both shoot brilliant 68’s, but still not good enough.

Then we get to the bridesmaid, Nigel (C’mon Man!) Flanagan.  We had to peel his fingers off Murray’s neck as it turned out, but hey, a guy has to do what a guy has to do man.  OK, I made that last bit up.

Nigel was actually quite gracious in defeat (for Nigel) and all credit goes to Murray Hart who had “one of those days” that keep us coming back for more golf.  Murray had one of his best rounds of the year and his 65 won him a new Antigua TGC shirt for the November Monthly Medal.

Wednesday, Nov. 27, Khao Kheow (white tees) – Stableford

T1st Ken Aihara (5) 37pts

T1st Ian Brimble (7) 37pts

2nd Roger Brocksop (10) 33pts

Khao Kheow is one of our best courses here in Pattaya, and you are making a big mistake if you visit here and leave without playing this golf course.  There are 27 holes here and each 9 is a great test of golf that has been designed by Pete Dye.  It was another beautiful day for golf and this is a course that we all look forward to playing.

Dale Shier & Mark Wood with scramble winners John McHugh & Ernie McInerney.Dale Shier & Mark Wood with scramble winners John McHugh & Ernie McInerney.

Roger Brocksop took sole second with his 33 points, but it was a tie for first place as Steady Kenny Aihara and pal Ian Brimble slugged it out down the 18th and both came up with 37 points on the card.  Ian is heading back to Texas, so we bid him farewell and happy holidays.  Kenny will be staying here for the winter and I would imagine several more podium topping placings!

Friday, Nov. 29, St. Andrews (white tees) – 2-Man Scramble

1st Ernie McInerney & John McHugh (8.2) net 60.8

2nd Dale Shier & Mark Wood (8.3) net 61.7

3rd Steve Mulberry & Steve Snelgrove (6.5) net 62.5

It was a morning of recovery as our Thanksgiving Dinner left us with full tummies and a feeling that the bar had over-served us.  Turkey Day is always a big event here at TGC and to have it followed by haggis, tatties and neeps was a rare treat!

On to the golf and it was time to have a little fun and head out to St. Andrews for our inaugural St. Andrews Day Tournament.  It was a sea of blue and white as we helped our Highland buddies celebrate their National Day, albeit 24 hours early.  What better excuse to crack open the top shelf single-malts and so the festivities began in earnest. This was the first year for the comp, and I am sure it will continue to grow as the years go by.  Oh, and thanks to Sugar for the idea!

It was a near perfect day for golf once again and a scramble is a great format on this golf course.  We were giving 37% of the combined handicap so there were no complaints from the peanut gallery as all 12 teams had an equal chance of a victory.  It was a bit slow out there today, but we were not in a big rush anyway so had time to stop and smell the pineapples.

In third place stood a pair of Steves.  The combo of Mulberry and Snelgrove ham and egged it for a net 62.5, a fine score on the day.  Next up the leaderboard was the duo of Dale Shier and Scotsman Mark Wood, and they easily won the best-dressed team of the day but sadly missed a putt too many as they ham and cheesed it and turned in a 61.7 for second place.

The low score of the day was the pairing of Ernie McInerney and TGC partner John McHugh who hammed it up the whole way around to finish with a 60.8 and the winners of our first St. Andrews Day Scramble.  Way to go boys, job well done!

Thanks to all who joined us for another great week of golf in paradise.

Note:  The Golf Club is located on Soi LK Metro. We try to schedule summer “Sports Days”, so come join us for a seriously fun day out. Just call 085 434 3377 or see our website and for more information mail us: [email protected] and see updates at www.face… all handicaps welcome!