Moore’s the merrier


Golf from the Travellers Rest

My headline makes reference to the fact that both the winners at Emerald on the 6th November had the surname, “Moore”.  Brendan Moore (Div 1) with a thirty-seven and Richard Moore (Div 2) with a great forty-one are the men in question.  They are in no way related as far as we know.  This I am fairly certain is the first time that this has ever occurred at the TRGG.  Congratulations to both players.

Saturday’s  winners with staff and management at Emerald. Saturday’s  winners with staff and management at Emerald.

On a more serious note I was asked to make mention to all players, whether playing at the TRGG or playing out of any other establishment in Pattaya, that it could be a very wise move if you are renting a buggy at any of the courses to check that the brakes are in good order as well as ascertaining that the battery is fully charged.

Why you might ask?  Because this week we had two instances at different courses where players found that they had little or no brakes on their buggies and had to have them changed and on one occasion players found themselves pushing a buggy up a hill because of a low charged battery.  No brakes could so easily lead to a serious accident and it was urgently reported to management just how serious this matter was.  Apologies were offered and accepted however it could have been a case of a little bit late in the day.

So now down to the reports on the past week’s play where we had four outings in total.

Monday, Nov. 1, Crystal Bay B&C – Stableford

1st Jon Dean (9) 41pts

2nd Andre Coetzee (7) 35pts

3rd Frank Courtney (15) 35pts

4th Ian Dallas (10) 34pts

Monday was a visit to Crystal Bay with sixteen players so just the one division.  The course played well as the scores go to show.

Jon Dean found great form and came home for the win with 41 points.  His nearest rival was Andre Coutzee with 35, beating Frank Courtney on the back six by two and forcing Frank to third.  In fourth was Ian Dallas (34pts) after also beating off Billy Ostle on the back six by two.

Only a single ‘2’ recorded and that came from Jon Dean at the 6th hole.

Tuesday, Nov. 2, Eastern Star – Stableford

Div 1

1st Barry Pussell (6) 36pts

2nd Terry Smith (9) 36pts

3rd Neil Jones (10) 34pts

4th Daryl Ottoway (9) 32pts

Div 2

1st Alan Evans (30) 36pts

2nd Gary Leigh (16) 33pts

3rd Mark Krysl (32) 31pts

4th Andrew Rich (22) 30pts

Tuesday saw a trip to Eastern Star where we had not been for some time due to the course work taking place, however, I was advised that it was found generally in good order and that the greens were fast, just how they like them it seems.

A big turnout on the day for the nice weather so the players were split into two divisions.

Div 1 had Barry Pussell heading the list with 36 points, winning on a count-back decision over Terry Smith.  Neil Jones was third with 34.

In Div 2 Alan Evans took top honours with an even par 36 points and three back in second was Gary Leigh.

Third spot went to Mark Krysl with 31.  He is putting in some sturdy performances these days (he also had a second placing in his division last Saturday I recollect).

Only the one ‘2’ on the day and it came from Neil Jones.

Thursday, Nov. 4, Phoenix – Stableford

Div 1

1st Barry Pussell (6) 39pts

2nd Fergus Brennan (11) 37pts

3rd Barry Welling (5) 36pts

4th Terry Smith (9) 35pts

Div 2

1st Brian Dunbar (13) 46pts

2nd Hugh Byrne (13) 40pts

3rd Paul Stanton (13) 39pts

4th Allen Hanson (13) 38pts

Div 3

1st Alan Evans (30) 42pts

2nd Koxo Makino (23) 39pts

3rd Mark Krysl (32) 35pts

4th Paula Byrne (22) 34pts

Thursday was another of our regular visits to Phoenix.  A very big group made the journey to enjoy the attributes of this great course so three divisions were allocated on the day

Division 1 had Barry Pussell take his second win in three days and go two places better than his efforts at the same course the previous week.  Second was Fergus Brennan at 37 points, his name has been conspicuously absent from my reports for a few weeks.  In third was Barry Welling at even par 36.

Division 2 had Brian Dunbar topping the list with a remarkable 46 points, a full six up on second placed Hugh Byrne.  Paul Stanton was third with a creditable 39.

Alan Evans made it two wins in three days in the third division with a 42- pointer (some good scores at Phoenix this week it seems).  In second was Kozo Makino at 35 and Mark Krysl with yet another third spot on the same score

Six ‘2’s all came from different players: Paul Stanton, Brian Dunbar, Hugh Byrne, Paula Byrne, Jack McNamara and Mike Rushant.

Saturday, Nov. 6, The Emerald – Stableford

Div 1

1st Brendan Moore (11) 37pts

2nd Roger Wilkinson (19) 35pts

3rd Daryl Ottoway (9) 35pts

Div 2

1st Richard Moore (25) 41pts

2nd Mark Krysl (32) 39pts

3rd Jack McNamara (21) 36pts

Saturday we went to back to Emerald after a week away.  It was a case of biting the bullet on cost because it seems that a bit of a cartel has been taking place with everybody upping their rates to comparative levels for weekend play.  A very full list attended so we had two divisions.

Div 1 had Brendan Moore top of the pile with 37 points.  He only returned back to visit us earlier in the week and had obviously brought his top game back with him.  In second was Roger Wilkinson who took it by way of a count-back decision over Daryl Ottoway, both with 35.

The second division did not need any count-back as Richard Moore had the great score of 41 for top spot.  What a change in fortunes for him, I seem to remember him picking up the Nagger Award (lowest score on the day) only a matter of weeks ago.  In second place was Mark Krysl with 39 (yet another second placing for the eternal bridesmaid it seems) and in third was Jack McNamara at 36.

A solitary ‘2’ on the day came from Daryl Ottoway.

Note: If you want any further or fuller information about the golf outings played by the TRGG from the Travellers Rest Hotel, please contact the hotel manager Tewin Lamthong on 086 056 7019 or just call in to the Travellers Rest in Soi LK Metro, Pattaya and look at the notice board or visit our website at