Miss Yen and Terry win January Haven Consultants Monthly Medal

Miss Yen and Brian Chapman
Miss Yen and Brian Chapman

PSC Golf from the Billabong

Wednesday, January 29th Green Valley Haven Consultants Monthly Medal

The second medal this month and it was good to see Brian Chapman, CEO of Haven Consultants, the long time sponsor of this competition for the Billabong, playing again following a long break from the game.

A really lovely day for golf with everyone concentrating on their game but my playing partners and myself were startled by a piercing scream which was heard by everyone within a mile radius, when one of our caddies had a large green snake slither across the path and through her legs as she was walking. I do not know who was more frightened but the snake slithered quickly, without a backward glance, to the nearest tree.

Overall the scores were not overly impressive but one lady stood out amongst the crowd with a net 63. Miss Yen (21) had a gross 47 on the front but a gross 37 after the turn with 5 pars and 1 birdie. Understandably, she was well ahead of Miss Porn (18) who had too many double bogies in her round to offer a challenge with a net 74 and 2nd place two strokes ahead of Miss Thip (18) who improved her 2nd nine by 6 shots with no double bogies.

The men did nothing to write home about. Jerry Grocott (16) had a steady round with 44 shots on each nine but lost in a countback to two others with a net 72. Bob St. Aubin (12) had 8 pars overall, 5 on the back nine, occupying 3rd place, losing out to William Macey (21) who, despite 3 treble bogies, also had a net 72. Peter Terry (19) had a great front nine dropping only 3 shots but he did his best to destroy his round with 4 doubles and 1 treble bogey on the way home for a net 70 to win the trophy.

Two 2s going to Barry Collier and Auke Engelkes.

Peter Terry and Brian Chapman.
Peter Terry and Brian Chapman.