Mikael Andersson wins Haven Consultants Monthly Medal


Pattaya Sports Club Billabong Golf
Wednesday, 13th Oct
Rayong Green Valley Golf Course
Haven Consultants Monthly Medal

It was a tad wet going to Rayong Green Valley this morning, and it was raining quite hard when we got to the golf center for our normal cup of coffee. But after about 20 minutes it stopped and we never saw rain for the rest of the day.

Playing the July Haven Consultants Monthly Medal to catch up with the tournament after delays due to Covid-19, we are now caught up and all is in order. We will play the October tournament at Phoenix on the 27th, which is the last Wednesday of this month.

A special thanks to Brian Chapman, the CEO of Haven Consultants, for his generous support in these tough times.

The scoring wasn’t that flash but we did have a winner and a two, the only one of the day, and it was a chip in from off the green. Well done, Cottee.

Coming in 3rd place was Tony Oakes with a net 73. Taking 2nd place was Arch Armstrong with a net 72.

The winner of the Haven Trophy was Mikael Andersson with a fine 69 nett.

Mikael also won a special free lunch and a drink prize donated by the golf center’s John and Geoff for closest second shot to the pin on the 18th.