Mickey tames Silky Oak


Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Feb. 19, Silky Oak – Stableford

A Flight

1st Peter Kelly (15) 41pts

2nd Connie Walsh (11) 39pts

3rd Nick Revel (14) 38pts

4th Bob Stokes (15) 36pts


B Flight

1st Fred Birch (17) 41pts

2nd Jim Lanzo (21) 41pts

3rd David Dunne (18) 39pts

4th Gary Emmett (16) 38pts


C Flight

1st Mick Beresford (23) 44pts

2nd Jack Jackson (22) 41pts

3rd Stuart Taylor (32) 41pts

4th Danny Lloyd (21) 38pts


Near Pins: Peter Ennis, Peter LeNoury.


An excellent turnout of 45 players turned out from Lewiinski’s and  Colin’s Bar to play Green Valley but were generously moved over to Silky Oak as there was a major Thai tournament taking place on the GV course.  Four flights were called for with four places in each.  The fairways at Silky Oak were great but the greens were a tad bumpy, especially near the greenside bunkers.

C Flight’s Mick Beresford was the man of the match with a fantastic 44 points and amazingly his card contained two no-scores.  Mickey was three strokes clear of the impressive Jack Jackson who first had to gain a count back decision over the unlucky Stuart Taylor, and this left Danny Lloyd to close the flight.

In B Flight a count back was required to sort out the top two podium spots between Fred Birch and Jim Lanzo as they were tied on 41 points apiece.  Fred got to stand the highest on the podium but only just by a 21-20 decision.  David Dunne took the third spot with a fine 39 points as Garry Emmett rounded out the flight a shot further back.

Two Irish boys took charge of A Flight and top man was Peter Kelly with 41 points.  Coming in second was Connie Walsh with 39 points and Nick Revell picked up the third spot with 38, leaving Bob Stoke to close the flight with amazingly the lowest podium score on the day – 36 points.

Mick Beresford (left) with his wife Ning.
Mick Beresford (left) with his wife Ning.


Monday, Feb. 20, Khao Kheow – Stableford

A Flight

1st Kevin McEntee (10) 36pts

2nd Bob Stokes (17) 35pts

3rd Nadine Goyons (14) 33pts

4th Bernard Donck (11) 31pts


B Flight

1st Clair Pettitt (27) 37pts

2nd Danny Lloyd (23) 36pts

3rd Ajit Amin (19) 36pts

4th Mike Pearce (24) 34pts


Near Pins: Ajit Amin Ray Thirtle Tony Phelps and Nadine Goyons.

Long Putts: Jim Lanzo.


It was off to the fantastic Pete Dye lay out at Khao Kheow for the Lewinnski’s and Colin’s Bar golfers.  There was no man of the match because a lady (Clair Pettitt) was the top player in B Flight and also took the person of the match honours with 37 points.

Clair was also the only player to better her handicap and she was one stoke clear of the tandem of Danny Lloyd and the consistent Ajit Amin.  Danny took the count back21-18 on the back nine, leaving Mike Pearce to close the flight.

In A Flight it was the County Offaly gang leader Kevin McEntee who was stood atop the podium with a fine even par round.  Bob Stokes was one stroke adrift for the second podium spot and was himself two strokes clear of Nadine Goyons who also picked up a near pin.  Bernard Donck rounded out the flight with 31 points.


Wednesday, Feb. 22, Silky Oak – Stableford

1st Jack Jackson (20) 38pts

2nd Kevin McEntee (10) 34pts

3rd Kelly Philips (22) 33pts


There was a smaller crowd than usual today as Lewiinski’s and Colin’s Bar decided to play their golf from their own bars and not as one group, so it was off to Bangpra to play a stableford comp.

Jack Jackson was top of A Flight with a man of the match 38 points was also the only player to better his handicap.  Kevin McEntee snuck in to pick up the silver with 33 points as Kelly Phelps closed the flight a shot in arrears.


Friday, Feb. 24, Silky Oak – Stableford

1st Danny Lloyd (21) 43pts

2nd John Kelly (18) 42pts

3rd Jack Jackson (18) 39pts

4th Walter O’Keefe (11) 37pts


A much larger crowd left Soi Pattayaland on Friday to return to Silky Oak and play a stableford competition.  There was one flight today containing four places.

Danny Lloyd took the top spot on the podium and the match honours with a splendid43 points.  Mind you, he needed every one of them as John Kelly was but just one stroke in arrears to lift the silver.  This was Danny’s second pay window visit this week.  Third place on the podium was filled by the inform Jack Jackson who had a first second and third place finish this week.

Three players were log jammed on 37 points; Walter O’Keefe, James Beard and John Harrison and when the divots had settled it was Walter who was the happiest while James and John were stood at sea level and potless.