McGinty does the double

Peter McGinty & Ito Akitoshi.
Peter McGinty & Ito Akitoshi.

Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

Monday, Jan. 21, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Division 1

1st Ito Akitoshi (11) 41pts

2nd Mr Yamao (10) 37pts

3rd Kim Seung-Hwan (12) 32pts

Division 2

1st Toshi Shiraiwa (23) 36pts

2nd Y Takita (19) 34pts

3rd Thomas Knudsen (29) 33pts

Ryder Cup

Burapha A & B

1st Peter Nixon (09) 36pts

2nd Seil Peter (05) 36pts

3rd Fergus Brennan (14) 35pts

Burapha B & A

1st Colin Smith (11) 40pts

2nd Hung Jae-Lee (16) 39pts

3rd Jim Best (14) 39pts

Khao Kheow C & A courses were in perfect condition and in division two Toshi Shi­raiwa finally got his name on the winner’s board by playing to his handicap and scoring 36 points. In division one it was the little “pocket rocket” Ito Akitoshi who dresses as though he’s going across the Sahara desert rather than the lush green fairways of a golf course, who brought Khao Kheow to its knees with a blistering 41 points.

Tuesday, Jan. 22, Green Valley – Stableford

Division 1

1st Mike Rushant (11) 40pts

2nd Lee Kwang-Jae (14) 38pts

3rd Yong Hyuen-Baek (12) 37pts

Division 2

1st Gabriel Enright (19) 40pts

2nd Pat Feeney (24) 37pts

3rd S.P. Lee (21) 37pts

Having recovered from the pressure of running the Pattaya Match Play competition it was time for Gabriel Enright to relax. This load off his shoulders certainly allowed him to concentrate on his game and resulted in a rise to the top of the leader board with a very credible 37 points.

In division one Mike “The Machine” Rushant was grinding out his weeks’ salary with another awesome display of consistency, there’s not a week goes by where you will not see Mike in the top three.

Wednesday, Jan. 23, Greenwood – Stableford

Division 1

1st Greg Bates (12) 41pts

2nd Yong Hyeun-Baek (10) 40pts

3rd Nick Thomas (13) 36pts

Division 2

1st Y Takita (27) 38pts

2nd S.P. Lee (32) 37pts

3rd Mike Koh (18) 37pts

Ryder Cup

Burapha B & C

1st Soren Hansen (19) 38pts

2nd Lee Kwang-Jae (14) 37pts

3rd Neil Wilkinson (13) 36pts

Burapha C & B

1st Joe Stranks (15) 39pts

2nd Peter Nixon (09) 39pts

3rd Brendan Cope (21) 37pts

Greg Bates obviously went home for some covert golfing lessons as he came back with a vengeance and absolutely smashed his way around Greenwood today, posting an amazing 41 points to finish ahead of Yong Hyeon-Baek who was snapping at his heels with 40 points.

In division two Y. Takita improved on his score from Monday with a very respectable 38 points.

Thursday, Jan. 24, The Emerald – Stableford

Division 1

1st Lawrence Lee (14) 36pts

2nd Paul Colfar (03) 34pts

3rd Yong Hyeun-Baek (11) 33pts

Division 2

1st Peter McGinty (24) 32pts

2nd Gabriel Enright (18) 31pts

3rd Suresh Mehta (19) 30pts

Emerald has four brilliant par three’s and is a well designed course. Peter McGinty took full advantage of his handicap and golfing expertise to completely destroy the course with a ‘blistering’ score of 32 points, leaving his golfing peers in total awe of his skill around the greens and accuracy through the fairway.

Meanwhile in division one another legend of golf was providing his playing partners with his golfing skills. Lawrence Lee may not hit the ball any great distance, which keeps him out of trouble, but he is normally pretty accurate.

Friday, Jan. 25, Burapha – Stableford

1st Daryl Harvey (28) 41pts

2nd Peter Williamson (15) 39pts

3rd Brendan Abbott (20) 39pts

Ryder Cup

Burapha C & D

1st Keith Buchanan (15) 43pts

2nd Neil Carter (11) 38pts

3rd Alan Thomas (07) 38pts

Burapha D & C

1st Lee Kwang-Jae (13) 38pts

2nd Kim Sang-Kyu (21) 36pts

3rd Soren Hansen (18) 36pts

This week combined with the Ryder Cup we catered for seventy four players off three different tees at Burapha. On A & B course we had our regular competition with some exceptional scores being posted. Deserved of a mention were second and third places who both scored thirty nine points – Brendan Abbott beaten on a countback by Peter Williamson. The winner with a superb 41 points was Daryl Harvey who obviously has a very capable golfer hiding somewhere within.

Saturday, Jan. 26, Plutaluang – Stableford

Division 1

1st Kim Suk-Bum (16) 40pts

2nd Bob Newman (10) 38pts

3rd Kim Seung-Hwan (12) 38pts

Division 2

1st Peter Cahill (18) 32pts

2nd Sam Lee (17) 32pts

3rd Warren Shelly (29) 32pts

We finished this week at Plutaluang where Peter Williamson was relegated to division two but rose to the occasion and creamed the opposition with an awe inspiring 38 points. In division one our good friend Sakai Yasuo emulated Peter’s score of 38 to take the win.