Mashi & Walter beat the Tropical heat


PSC Golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, March 20, Greenwood – Stableford

This is a regular on our monthly play list. That is if you do not mind the journey up there, and on this day Mashi offered me a lift so I did not have to drive. So it was a good day when I got there, I even had time to look around on the way. Nice countryside, but plenty of bikes.

On this day we were due to tee off a little late; even so it was still surprising to see that the parking area was quite empty. Still it made for a quick book in and then onto the start where we found we were to play the C & B nines. The C nine is probably the toughest and on this day we also had a very strong wind blowing so it promised to be a long hard day, and we pay to do this.

Tuesday’s winners back at Tropical Bert’s. Tuesday’s winners back at Tropical Bert’s.

Quickly the high wind proved difficult, but soon we forged ahead.  The fairways were in their normal fine condition and the rough as usual punishing. However, the thing that pretty quickly became apparent is that the greens were very badly damaged and in very poor condition. Large areas on just about all the greens are bare and just as if the grass has been scoured from the surface.

So on we went and with the course fairly empty we were able to get around pretty much in our own time. That unfortunately can be not the fastest in the world with a bunch long in the tooth. Still, most who play here fall close to that standard so we got around in fair time and then into the showers.

The showers here are good and so it was soon a clean bunch who got into the restaurant. While not the best around it is still very good and the food served is good, cheap and hot. So it was a top up and then for me into Mashi’s car for the trip back. One thing about travelling with Mashi is that it is never boring. For me between the ‘eye resting’ periods I was able to see Mashi’s route back which I know varies.

So back at Bert’s, for Curry Night, it was into the result show. With a low turnout on the day we had one flight. The winner was Mashi Kaneta with 34 points ahead of a countback on 33 points for the minor places. In second was Andre Van Dyk with John Hackett in third and Mike Gaussa in fourth. The low scores were the result of a high wind, bad greens and a tough day.

Near pins: B2 John Hackett, C6 Brian Parrish, with nobody on C3/B5

Friday, March 23, Eastern Star – Stableford

This is a fine course that we do not play often enough. It could be that it is in that area where, after playing, we have to drive back on, say, a Friday night at 1700 hrs. when traffic is at its heaviest.  It is not fun playing this really tough course and knowing you have another test ahead.

However, playing this course on this day we were reminded just how good it was. Unfortunately on this day we had to play with a ‘Three Club’ wind, which is fine when it is behind you but hard with a crosswind or playing into it. Also with it behind players tend to have great difficulties holding the greens.

When we got there it was as quick as possible to the first tee as there was a big competition due to start and we rushed to get off. Surprisingly we were held up most of the round, but still got around in fine time. The course itself is in good condition, and surprisingly the greens were much better than those we played on Tuesday, if a little ‘hairy’ which made them slow. This is a seriously testing course and if you want to play a course that flatters your golf, do not play it, but play it well and you get a sense of accomplishment.

So round over it was into the fine showers, then into the fine restaurant. This used to be, in my opinion, then best food at any course. It used to boast a top professional chef, and we used to play the course just to have a treat when we finished. These days the food is not up to that standard, but aspects linger and with fine surroundings it is still good.

Then the drive back on a Friday night. I have to admit I came back on the ‘Scenic Route’, a bit longer but you come into town off route 7 and straight onto Pattaya Nua. Then into Bert’s where the ‘Golfers Special’ special was fish and chips. Fine food at a great price.

Then after a couple of ‘cold uns’ into the presentation. The scores were not outstanding, but as said the scores were an indication of the difficulties of the day. Winner with by far the best score of the day was Walter Baechli with 37 points.  In second was Mashi Kaneta with 31 points and then, very unusual, we went back to a three way countback on 29 points won by Derek Brook with Bob Watson and Mike Gaussa losing out.

Near pins: Walter Baechli (2), Dick Warberg, Derek Brook.