Martyn first time winner at Emerald


Backyard Golf Society

With numbers down this week due to some guys going back to work, it was a hot and humid start to the Backyard Golf Society’s weekly game of golf at Emerald Golf Course.  7 players this week with everyone in all competitions but due to it being a public holiday the course was extremely busy, resulting in a slow round and a lack of concentration by all players on the back 9.

4 players came in with 29pts but Martyn won on count back, scoring 17 on the back 9 leaving Mike as the only regular who has yet to win in the 2 years the society has been in existence!

Martyn with the staff from Kisses Bar. Martyn with the staff from Kisses Bar.

With no one hitting the green on the 15th the nearest the pin prize has rolled over to next week and the skin winners were as follows: Dan M (6),Tony C (4), Terry C (4), Mike C (3) and Martyn (1).

With Tony C leaving next week it was off down to BC to have a few cold ones and try to avoid any water being thrown about by over-zealous bar girls!