Manager’s Mug makes inaugural debut


PSC golf from The Golf Club

The weekend was chaos once again as Diego was back in town from Burma!  Mr. Wells, our former Golf Captain for a week or three (no one is quite sure) and Darren Allcock (Captain for an even shorter duration) relive those bygone days with current Captain Phil Smedley while TGC partner John McHugh looks stunned by the sheer beauty of our new trophy, albeit broken.  The trophy was recently acquired by Mr. Wells whilst visiting Silom and the legendary Thaniya (Golfers Heaven) Plaza in Bangkok, and has duly donated this heirloom quality piece to The Golf Club to adorn our humble shelves.  

The Crystal Giblet must have lasted for over an hour in pristine condition, and now has earned its chips, gashes and bruises like the rest of us.  Here is a monument to golf we can all feel comfortable with!  Smedley is now the longest lasting chair over the last 6 months, and quite easily the most winning with his eclectic victory last month.

Mugs indeed!  Darren Allcock, Diego Wells, John McHugh and Phil Smedley. Mugs indeed!  Darren Allcock, Diego Wells, John McHugh and Phil Smedley.

Notably christened, the trophy will be presented by the Golf Chairman, with great pomp and circumstance, to the winner of the Monthly Medal for his favourite beverage (within reason, of course) so that he may spill it upon his new winners shirt, just to break it in.  The Mug may also be used, at the Chairman’s discretion, for other embarrassing situations so long as it runs up the bar tabs.

Thanks Diego, a tradition is born!

Monday, Sept. 3, Green Valley (White tees) – Stableford

1st Keith Warboys (13) 38pts

2nd Mick Beresford (16) 37pts

3rd Claus-Birk Thomsen (13) 37pts

4th Jim Dundon (14) 36pts

Now on to the golf – and it was an abbreviated week as many of the lads were off to Hua Hin for the”Festival of Golf”, as they brand it.  Most courses charge 1,000 baht green fee which is great value, but it’s just the getting there that’s the ordeal.

Anyway, as hard to believe as it is, Mr. Keith Warboys was the big winner this week, and I can confirm that this is his second victory this year!  What a banner year 2012 has turned out to be, what with the great London Olympics, the upcoming Ryder Cup and now Keith with 2 wins!

I suppose it had to happen sometime, as last time I remember there was a celestial alignment of Saturn and Jupiter with our Earth for his last victory, but this time he did it all on his own.  Well played Warboys, ring the bell!  It was cigars all around for the après-golf celebrations, so I guess a groin injury can end up being beneficial to one’s game after all!

Right behind on a pair of 37’s were Micky Beresford for second and the recently returned Claus-Birk Thomsen on his first trip with us in a while for third.  Jimmy Dundon had a great day shooting a handicap leveling 36 points to get the last spot on the podium.

Thanks for joining us guys, and see you next week for more great golf here at The Golf Club, the Home of Golf in Pattaya.

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