Maddox claims the booty at Treasure Hill


Golf from the Billabong Bar Golf Society

Monday, April 29, Treasure Hill – Stableford

It was up 331 to Treasure Hill today for our Monday challenge.  This course is in fantastic condition at the moment but we were almost the only ones playing – maybe it has something to do with the price being 200 baht more than the high season price, strange indeed.

However, we all got round in under four hours and missed any rain that threatened towards the latter part of the round.  It was very hot in some places as well.

For a change there were three ‘2’s recorded today, a brace from Lloyd Shuttleworth and one from Brian Maddox, a 35-foot snake but it went in.

Brian also won the day with 37 points, closely followed by Lloyd on 36 then Stuart Banks coming in third with 32.  From there it went all the way down to a lowly 18.  There were a few of us who couldn’t handle the slippery greens and we are sure the green-keeper was hiding behind some trees to watch the antics and groans from the golfers who kept 3 and 4-putting.

Wednesday, May 1, Plutaluang – Stableford

It was the captain’s knock today with our changed venue at Plutaluang East and South.  As the price went up for May Day at our regular venue Green Valley the lads decided to play somewhere else, and the Capt thought that was a good idea as you will see by his score.

This course has had that much money spent on it and the condition of it is fantastic, although it was bedlam when we got there with no caddies and no carts, but with a little perseverance and patience we got away on time, albeit with some sharing carts and caddies.  It was a 5-hour round but with a bottle of Thai whiskey to keep the cockles moving it made the day alright.

We welcomed Sel Wegner, Eddie O’Neill, Joe Tynan and John White to the Billabong today and farewelled Cottee as he is going home for a few weeks to see the family.

The score’s were very good with only a few not managing to beat 30 points barrier.  There were three ‘2’s recorded today coming from Bob Pearce, Wayne Cotterell and Steve Croy, who got the first birdie of his career as a budding professional golfer playing off his 31 handicap.

In the winner’s circle coming in third with 36 points on a count back over Chris Dodd was George Barrie.  Second place was claimed by Sel Wegner with 39 points and first was Bob Philp with 41 points even though he three-putted six of the last nine holes.

Friday, May 3, The Emerald – Stableford

Emerald today and apart from some dead patches in the fairways and the greens having been scarified, it was in grand condition.  The day threatened rain but it was all thunder and a little wind which helped get rid of some of the heat that was oppressive at times.

With three groups we got around in under 4 hours.  Again there were no ‘2’s recorded although there were a few lip outs but alas they don’t count.

Taking third place on a count back was Lloyd Shuttleworth with 37 points from George Barrie also 37 – hard luck mate, but you got the nod the other day.  In second was Peter Shuttleworth also on a count back with 40 points, getting 22 of them on the back nine, but Owen Walkley took the winner’s prize with 40 points and 23 on the back nine, a fine score indeed from both players.

Note:  If you are looking for a game with some friendly golfers, give Bob a call on 082 204 3411 or call into the bar for a cold beer and put your name on the sheet.  Turn left at the arch on Siam Country Club Road and we are 200 yards on the right.