Lumpy score 40 on Burapha C and D


PSC Golf from the Billabong

With the Pattaya Singha open on at Burapha A and B loops, the C and D loops were as busy as hell, but it was still only a 4 and ฝ hour round. With four groups playing we were a little late in starting but all were happy. The course was in great condition but the rough if you got into it was absolutely brutal.

Only 5 out of 16 players didn’t make 30 plus points, which itself is amazing, because if you were off the fairway it was bogie time for sure. There was a suggestion of a storm after nine holes but it went around us and apart from being extremely hot it was a good day out.

Taking 3rd place and the only two of the day was Jerry Sweetnam with 33 points. Second spot went to our visitor from Perth, Robert Rix with a fine 39 points. I might add he came over from Aussie to play in a tournament that was 6 games of golf in total and won that one hands down. It’s a real golfer that can take Banyan apart but that’s what he did. The first day of the tournament he scored 47 points, a great round of golf mate.

Taking the top spot today even with a gammy knee was Lumpy Russell with a great 40 points. I’m not sure if it was the two caddies or the bevies that helped along the way but none the less a great round on these two loops, well done mate.