Lindborg & Plant lead the way


PSC Golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Jan. 18, Burapha A & B – Stableford

Div A (0-19)

1st Steve Plant (13) 37pts

2nd Stephen Mann (11) 37pts

3rd James Bell (17) 37pts

4th Sugar Ray Handford (18) 36pts

Div B (20+)

1st Bob Lindborg (25) 39pts

2nd Nev Jolley (20) 38pts

3rd Kevin Regan (23) 36pts

4th Mick Beilby (21) 34pts

Burapha remains a favorite and we had a pretty jam packed field of 8 groups.  Due to a few phone calls, our start position was preserved amongst the influx of Korean golfers and everyone made it around in fairly good time.

(From left) Andy Makara with Kim Danboise, Tom Byrne, Yurie Murakami and Raivo Velsberg.

Playing from the white tees there were a few very good scores but in general the course played pretty much as can be expected and all but 4 players scored in the 30’s.

In the B division, John Fitzgerald scored 34 points to finish fourth, followed by Mick Beilby also with 34 pts in third.  In the runner-up spot was Nev Jolley who scored a great 38 points but going one point and one place better was Bob Lindborg with a great round.

In the A division, which included handicaps up to 19, Sugar Ray shot a great 21 points on the back nine to beat 5 other players on count back, all with 36 points and take fourth place.  Three players had 37 points in the A division, and third place was awarded to Jim Bell, second to Steve Mann and the A division winner with 22 points on the back nine was Steve Plant.

Despite having a large field and playing off the whites, surprisingly there were only two ‘2’s, recorded by Peter Nixon and Dennis Pelly.

Wednesday, Jan. 20, Treasure Hill – Stableford

1st Ed Turner (21) 38pts

2nd Andrew Makara (25) 37pts

3rd Peter Lenoury (14) 36pts

4th George Scott (27) 35pts

Taking on Highway 331 in the morning, we got to a foggy Treasure Hill surprisingly quickly (only 35 minutes from the Outback in the bus).  With light rain coming and going, it was a pretty cool and pleasant day but heavy rain started coming down towards the end of the round, leaving the first couple of groups drenched as they pressed on with the last two holes to get the round finished.

Our group took a long stop at the drinks hut after the 15th hole as we waited for the rain to clear. The way back was not so pleasant and took more than an hour due to the road works and traffic.  Hopefully by next month most of the work should be finished.

Some people had a really tough day and Steve Plant, who won Monday’s comp at Burapha, only finished on 18 points for the whole day, and almost half the field only got in the 20’s.  So it was a tough day on a tough course for some of us.

It seemed as if the course favored the higher handicappers today, with George Scott finishing on 35 points in fourth place, Peter Lenoury taking third with 36, Andy Makara on better in second and Ed Turner winning the day with 38.  Great going to score the reverse of your age, Ed!

There were two ‘2’s recorded, by Mike Missler on hole 6 and Ed Turner on hole 13.

Friday, Jan. 22, Green Valley – Stableford

Div A (0-15)

1st Tom Byrne (14) 40pts

2nd Raivo Velsberg (7) 38pts

3rd Jean Maffray (11) 37pts

4th Kim Danboise (12) 36pts

Div B (16 up)

1st Andrew Makara (23) 37pts

2nd Stephen Blazsanyik (18) 37pts

3rd Yurie Murakami (16) 36pts

4th Gerry Roche (17) 34pts

We had another great turnout at Green Valley with two divisions contesting for the day’s honours.  Reports from the players were that the greens are turning “bad” again at this course and running very slow.  Nonetheless, it couldn’t be too bad considering the high scores generally observed.

In Division B, Gerry Roche had a good day to take fourth place on count back with 34 points.  Yurie Murakami came in third with 36 and Waldo took second place with 37 points.  For the umpteenth time in the last couple of months, Andy Makara was again the top man as he edged out Waldo on count back.

In the A division, for handicaps up to 15, Kim Danboise continued his improvement with 36 points for fourth place, JP Maffray was one better in third and Raivo Velsberg scored 38 points off his 7 handicap to capture second spot.  Tom Byrne was the clear winner of the flight with 40 points and the best score of the day.

There were four ‘2’s, coming from Rob Barnes, Kim Danboise, Peter Lenoury and John Stafford.