Life is full of surprise

Golfer of the Month Ken Davidson receives trophy from Jimmy Carr.
Golfer of the Month Ken Davidson receives trophy from Jimmy Carr.

PSC Bunker Boys Golf

Monday, December 30th Crystal Bay C & A

1st Michael Brett (17) 43 points

2nd Les Humphreys (26) 36 points

3rd Andy Gray (27) 35 points

4th Dave Ashman (22) 34 points

Near pins Geoff Parker, Jimmy Carr, & Michael Brett X 2.

Life is full of surprise and on Monday the Bunker Boys had a very pleasant one. Our last game of the year was scheduled for Crystal Bay and expectations were low as the course was in poor shape for our last visit some months ago. As we drove into the course it looked very busy with groups on just about all tees and greens so the prospect of a slow game was in store. As it turned out once we got started the speed of play was ok and to our great surprise the course was in much better shape than expected. Whilst the fairways were dry and brown there was a decent covering of grass with very few bare patches, the greens were in excellent shape, lush green and running true if slightly on the slow side, probably due to the fact they were overwatered.

A field of eighteen, decent under the circumstance, was on hand and overall the standard of play was ok. Following a poor start with only a point on each of the first two holes Monday’s winner, Michael Brett finally got going and put together his best round for some time, a round that included three four-pointers for a score of forty-three points. Following his first visit to the winner’s circle last Friday, Les Humphreys improved on his previous best score by one stroke to take second on thirty-six. Andy Gray started off his week well with a third placing on thirty-five points while Dave Ashman brought up the rear with thirty-four points. All the big guns, i.e. Colin Greig, Phil Mashiter, Jimmy Carr, Les, Cobban, and Geoff Parker, failed to perform and were placed down the ranks.

Near pins went to Jimmy Carr and two to Michael Brett, one within a whisker of an ace.


As it was the last game of the month and the year it was once again time to find the golfer of the month and we didn’t have far to look. Ken Davidson, who has been in sparkling form recently, won by a veritable country mile and also racked up one of the highest winning monthly scores this year, well done Ken. Back at Woody’s Bar, the festive spirit was alive and well with the bell getting a serious workout.

New Year’s Day Mountain Shadow

1st Peter Kelly (13) 34 points

2nd Mashi Kaneta (17) 33 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 33 points

Near pins Colin Greig & Andy Gray.

Surprisingly eight golfers who didn’t overdo New Year celebrations turned out for the first round of the New Year at Mountain Shadow. The course was virtually empty so no pressure and with only two groups the pace of play was leisurely.

Mountain Shadow is not an easy course at the best of times and with a strong wind blowing occasionally up to two and a half clubs worth scoring was particularly difficult today. Top of the list was Peter Kelly with thirty-four points. A rare visit from Mashi Kaneta saw him take second place on countback from Michael Brett, both on thirty-three.

Only two near pins to Andy Gray and Colin Greig.

Friday, January 3rd Wangjuntr Valley

1st Roland Davison (12) 25 points

2nd Phil Mashiter (4) 25 points

3rd Ken Elmore (19) 23 points

4th Robby Watts (9) 22 points

Near pins Keith Norman, Andy Gray, Ken Elmore, Phil Mashiter, & Michael Brett.

Newlywed Ken Elmore.
Newlywed Ken Elmore.

In life people often follow one mistake with another, on Friday the Bunker Boys collectively made three all at once. The first mistake was to play the Wangjuntr Valley course. With long narrow fairways, hidden traps everywhere and some ridiculously difficult greens, this has to be the most challenging course in Thailand. The second mistake was to play from the blue tees in line with Bunker Boys rule to play nearest tees to six and a half thousand yards. Those that had played the course previously should have known better, it was a first time experience for most. The third mistake was not to take a cart. With some very steep climbs and long green to tee distances in some places this is definitely not a walking course and by the end, those that walked were exhausted and just wanted to get off the course.

All of the above conspired to produce embarrassingly low scores with nobody managing to master to course. Newcomer Roland Davison took first place with twenty-five points on countback from Phil Mashiter. Newlywed Ken Elmore on his first game back took third with twenty-three whilst Robby Watts won’t have been pleased to take the last place with twenty-two.

Unusually there were five par threes and a near pin was taken on all of them, some not so near but on the putting surface nevertheless. Keith Norman, Andy Gray, Ken Elmore, Phil Mashiter and Michael Brett all got one each. There will be no queue forming anytime soon for a return visit.

In the rearview mirror

As we enter a new year and a new decade it is timely to look back and reflect on the year that’s been. It began in dramatic fashion for the Bunker Boys with the shock announcement that out host and organiser in chief Neil Carter was leaving Thailand and returning to his native Canada with his family leaving us homeless. Neil did a fantastic job, working tirelessly in the background promoting the society through electronic media and other means and organising the daily playing rosters and transport as well as away trips and big events such as the Memorial and Club Championships. We owe Neil a huge debt of gratitude and look forward to welcoming him back to the club sometime in the future.

Once the shock of being homeless again subsided it was time to find a new home and of all the options available to us Woody’s Bar was by far the best bar and in the best location. We are in debt to Dave Ashman for suggesting it and to Paul and Steve Wood for welcoming us into their bar and making us feel right at home straight away.

2019 was a challenging year both for golf societies and golf courses with economic issues weighing heavily on both. Several societies had no golf for months during the low season. As usual, we lost some members through natural attrition but also gained some new members and managed to keep our numbers in double figures through the low season.

Throughout the year one hundred and forty-three golfers from twenty-one countries played with the Bunker Boys over twenty-eight different courses in one hundred and fifty-eight rounds. We undertook away trips to Khao Yai, Hua Hin, Soi Dao, and Kabinburi.

Jimmy Carr topped the list of most games played with one hundred and fifty-eight, which was every game played, and also topped the list of most games won with seventeen. Michael Brett had the most near pins with sixty-five. Robby Watts won the most golfer of the month trophies with four and also became our new club champion for the second time in three years.

We are in debt to all those who freely give of their time and talents to make the Bunker Boys the friendly nonprofit golf society that it remains, possibly the only one in Pattaya. In particular, we should give thanks to Tony Robbins who manages our playing roster and finances, Jimmy Carr who runs the daily golf playing groups and transport, Geoff Parker for the most comprehensive statistic of any society, Daryl Vernon for managing our Facebook account and of course Dougie who maintains our website.

Finally, time to wish golfers everywhere a Happy New Year, and don’t forget to keep your head down and swing easy.