Lasonder & Philp the standouts in Khao Yai


The Billabong Bar Golf Society

Monday the 19th August we set off for the city of Pak Chong after having breakfast at the bar.  It was an uneventful drive up and we arrived in just under 3 hours.  After checking into the hotel we took off in convoy to the Bonanza golf course, now officially called the Police Golf Club.  It was almost deserted so we got off to an early start and with six groups waiting on the first tee there was the usual banter from the players.

Once underway we were in for a shock as the greens had been cored and not sanded very well so it was the luck of the bounce when you got to the green which way the putt would go.  Some would say the greens were great, while others won’t go back there for a while.  However, it was the captain’s day today as every putt just went sideways into the hole and they were falling from everywhere for him.

Mustering on the tee in Khao Yai.Mustering on the tee in Khao Yai.

There were only 8 players that scored under 30 points out of 24 players so the course must have something going for it.  It was the perfect weather for a game as the temperature up there in the Khao Yai area is only in the high 20s.

Coming in third today was Darl White with 36 points, in second was John Player with 37 and first place went to Capt Bob with a magic 44 points.  There were only two 2’s today and they both came from Phil Waite.

On Tuesday our venue was the Khao Yai Golf and Country Club, a well liked course and playing it was a privilege as this course must surely be rated among the top ones in Thailand and once again there were no other players out there.

We were down a player with Lumpy Meyers not being able to play, I think the scribe should have stayed at home also, not being a wild wind player some holes here today were playing like par fives, for example the ninth 395 yards with a cracking drive and a three wood and still forty yards short made for hard work.  I think that only when we got to the 15th was the wind finally with us.

The scores were much the same as Tuesday with Jeff North taking third place on a fantastic 40 points, a score which would win a tournament here most every time but not today.  Coming second was Greig Ritchie with a great 42 points, but taking the top spot was Willim Lasonder matching the Capt’s knock from Tuesday with 44 points.  It was a magic round mate and congrats from all of us.

There were two 2’s coming from Jim Bell and Jeff North.

I must say it was a great trip with all enjoying themselves and there will be another one next month so watch out for news of events in the bar or go to the website: www.

Wednesday, August 21, Green Valley – Stableford

It just goes to show how popular Green Valley is, after having two days up in Khao Yai there were still five groups that played today and one of the golfers that went up there won the day and got the only ‘2’ also.  Three days in a row is too much for this old bag of bones so it was a day off for the scribe.

Tuesday winners (left-right) Greig Ritchie, Willim Lasonder and Jeff North.Tuesday winners (left-right) Greig Ritchie, Willim Lasonder and Jeff North.

The weather was just right for golf as there was good cloud cover to keep the heat out.  Starting on the first tee we were right alongside the red markers and everyone was thinking it was going to be an easy day out but it didn’t eventuate as out of 21 players there were only eight who beat 30 points.

The battle for fourth place was a three-way count back between Gus George, Paul Greenaway and Robert Marsh, with Gus getting the nod due to his 20 points on the back nine.  Third place was taken by George Barrie with 36 points and second went to Martin Kingswood with 37 points.  But the man of the day again was Wayne ‘Mr. Consistency’ Cotterell with a fine 40 points.  And as stated previously, Cottee also got the only ‘2’ of the day.

Note:  If you are looking for a game with some friendly golfers, give Bob a call on 082 204 3411 or call into the bar and put your name on the start sheet.