Kevin Blake wins back to back


IPGC Golf from the Tara Court

Sunday, June 19 Green Valley Stableford

For some reason it was extremely hot and humid here today in Green Valley. It has been a funny year, one day ok and the next very hot, but again today although it looked like rain a few times we still got around dry.

Craig Robson, winner on Sunday 19th June at Green Valley.
Craig Robson, winner on Sunday 19th June at Green Valley.

Craig Robson is back for a short visit this time and today he came out on top to win with thirty seven points and beating Bob St Aubin in to second on a count back. Allan Parker continued his very steady golf playing to his handicap and he came third with thirty six points. Paul Pavloff came fourth with thirty two points and Paul Beat Ged Foy in to the fifth and last place on the countback.

We had no twos today so instead of doing a carryover we just added the money to the winners giving them all a little extra for their efforts.

1st Craig Robson 16, 37 pts.

2nd Bob St Aubin 14, 37 pts.

3rd Allan Parker 10, 36 pts.

4th Paul Pavloff 5, 32 pts.

5th Ged Foy 19, 32 pts.

Tuesday, June 21 Treasure Hills Stableford

Now for low season we join up with our friends from the PFGS every Tuesday which gives us good numbers for a better competition. Today here in Treasure Hill we had enough to make up two flights with the cut coming at fifteen for the A Flight. It was much cooler today than Sunday but unfortunately we weren’t so lucky today and for the last five or six holes we had some heavy rain, but everyone carried on after a bit of a break and finished their round.

Kevin Blake, winner on Tuesday 21st & Thursday 23rd June.
Kevin Blake, winner on Tuesday 21st & Thursday 23rd June.

As everyone knows this is a difficult course so the scores were ok under the circumstances with the rain. The best score we had was thirty three points and we had a few of them in both flights.

In the A Flight Keven Blake won with thirty three and he beat Joe McArdle in to second on the count back. We then had three players with thirty two with Norman Cheetham and Tom Shea losing out on the count back and not getting anything, but at least Norman had the satisfaction of having a two so all was not lost. Allan Parker got the third place with the best back nine.

In the B Flight we also had two players with thirty three and here Craig Robson, who was having his last game for this trip, won the count back to come out the winner. He beat Dan Hobbs in to second on the count back. Ronan Simms took the third place with thirty points.

A Flight

Kevin Blake 7, 33 pts.

2nd Joe McArdle 12, 33 pts.

3rd Allan Parker 10, 32 pts.

B Flight

1st Craig Robson 16, 33 pts.

2nd Dan Hobbs 22, 33 pts.

3rd Ronan Simms 19, 30 pts.

Twos: Norman Cheetham and Craig Hitchens, one each.

Thursday, June 23 Burapha Stableford

Another day of private golf here in Burapha where we decided to play the C and D courses off the white tees. A smaller group out today and as we had the course to ourselves we got round in record time.

For the second time this week Kevin Blake came out on top and was the only golfer to play to his handicap, winning with thirty six points. Norman Cheetham came second with thirty two points and Norman beat his fellow countryman Russell Gilroy in to the third and last place on the countback.

Joe McArdle got the only two of the day.

On another note we have a visitor here whose main ambition when he comes over is to beat one of the locals in a series of matchplay. Unfortunately for him despite having a big advantage both in age and in handicap today the series came to a premature end with our local here coming out on top again. I think this is about the fifth time in a row that this has happened so on the law of averages our visitor might win the next time he comes over in the New Year.

1st Kevin Blake 7, 36 pts.

2nd Norman Cheetham 15, 32 pts.

3rd Russell Gilroy 16, 32 pts.

Twos: Joe McArdle.

Note: The Tara Court Golf Group play every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, leaving O’Gara’s Bar and restaurant in the Tara Court on Pratamnak Rd. around 10.00 a.m. Sign up either in O’Gara or ring Joe on 0892491364 and they will book you in.