Keith Buchanan “kisses” them all goodbye


PSC Golf from the Growling Swan

Monday, June 13 Burapha – Stroke

We had 22 starters all eager to attack Burapha for the second time this month. This came about simply because this course is priced perfectly for us here at The Swan. B1700 all inclusive (that does not include cans Cassa). We requested Courses C & D and that’s what we played, playing from the front tees.

(L to R) Sandy Lieper & Keith Buchanan.
(L to R) Sandy Lieper & Keith Buchanan.

The weather was on our side even though it did get warmer as the day got longer, and the course was once again in very good nick.

Some good scores resulted with Keith Buchanan setting the pace taking A Flight comfortably from Tom McMahon and Martin Todd, who went to the countback to decide second and third.

B Flight saw Sandy Lieper acknowledge the judges ahead of Roger Ellis with The Viper, Mark Stapleton filling the third spot. As it turned out third position went to a count back between four players.

A Flight

1st – Keith Buchanan (17) 41 points

2nd – Tom McMahon (11) 37 points (Countback)

3rd – Martin Todd (13) 37 points

B Flight

1st – Sandy Lieper (31) 35 points

2nd – Roger Ellis (28) 33 points

3rd – Mark Stapleton (19) 31 points

Near pins: C5 – Denis Steele, C8 – Tom McMahon, D2 – Keith Buchanan, D8 – Steve Younger.

Longest First Putts: C9 – Keith Buchanan, D9 – Sand Lieper.

Back at The Growling Swan our host Peter Grey welcomed back Eric The Judge Black, Tony Cook, Tom McMahon, Roger Ellis, Phil Taylor, Dave Headington and Keith Buchanan. No need for farewells this time. He also thanked Alan The Colonel Sanders for his very kind donation to add a fan to the front of the bar.

(L to R) Andrew Hills, Keith Buchanan & Sandy Leiper.
(L to R) Andrew Hills, Keith Buchanan & Sandy Leiper.

D-For the Charity dog was again the happy recipient of many donations for the needy children of Pattaya and all golfers are thanked once again for their generosity.

Andrew Hills takes the prize as Kissy & Sandy do the double

Thursday, June 16 Khao Kheow Stableford

Big field of 32 golfers travelled to Khao Kheow Golf Course, which was in quite good nick.

The skies were overcast with a light wind, and the odd spot of light rain, which made playing conditions quite pleasant.

Greetings were handed out to Jim Groves, Glenn Henriksen, Brad Green, Frank Di Vincenzo, Elliott Ness, Ron Gillett, Stuart Brown & Andrew Hills, and fond farewells to Martin Todd and his pal and our pal, Alan “Colonel” Saunders. See you back soon we hope guys!

We played C and B Nines in that order with Toddy leading the way with a duck hook into the drink as the first shot of the day. He did report that things did improve after that, but not until the third hole. He managed a very respectful 35 points.

A Grade was won by Andrew Hills with a fine 38 points. He won on a countback from big hitting Tom McMahon, with the very consistent “The Bookie” Steve Younger filling third spot with 36 points. Steve was a little disappointed in his final score after a great first nine.

B Grade saw another victory to Keith “Kissy” Buchanan, who scored 40 points to give him back to back wins with The Growling Swan. A man in form.  Jayson Schembri came in second on a countback with 36 points, with an average front nine, and an improved back nine of 22 points. Alex Field, who was also celebrating his birthday, filled 3rd spot with 36 points also.

C Grade saw another victory to Sandy “Cindy” Leiper, who scored a very impressive 42 points, to also give him back to back wins with The Growling Swan. Another man in form, who was quick to praise the skills of his caddy. Shane “Jockey” Young continued his fine form with a business like 38 points. Improvement in his putting being quite evident. Volker Buley was 7 points back from Jockey, but that was good enough to get a 3rd placing.

Back at the Swan we enjoyed a tasty chicken noodle dish prepared by the girls at the Swan!

A Grade (0-14):

1st Andrew Hills (8) 38 pts C/B

2nd Tom McMahon (11) 38 pts

3rd Steve Younger (12) 36 pts

B Grade (15-26):

1st Keith Buchanan (17) 40 pts

2nd Jayson Schembri (20) 36 pts C/B

3rd Alex Field (17) 36 pts

C Grade (27-36):

1st Sandy Leiper (28) 42 pts

2nd Shane Young (27) 38 pts

3rd Volker Buley (31) 31

Near pins: C3 Andrew Hills, C8 Andrew Hills, B3 Bill Stienmann, B8 Keith Buchanan.

Long Putts: C9 Fred Cuypers and B9 Martin Todd.