John Seton tops “dry” field at tough Pattana, Pattaya


PSC Billabong Golf
Friday, July 2
Pattana Sports Resort & Country Club

It’s always nice to have a beer when you’re playing golf, but unfortunately that is not the case at Pattana. It’s a lovely golf course and complex but no beer anywhere, which in the Billabong mind is not the way to attract customers. It will be some time before we go back to this course.

The course itself was in great condition, but starting on the B loop always is a hard way to start your day. Playing a rainbow event, the red tee wasn’t the start some players needed. It was a glorious day out with no rain in sight. Even though it was a bit wet under foot and no carts off the paths, everything went well.

The scoring was very ordinary with Jeff North taking 3rd place with 29 points, being beaten by one shot by his good mate Tony Oakes who managed a huge 30 points. John Seton took the main prize with a fine 33 points. There was one two by Tony Oakes but no twos were paid out.