Joe Miller finishes on atop the leaderboard in Chiang Mai


PSC Outback Golf Bar: Chiang Mai Trip

A great 5 night 3 round trip to the beautiful Chiang Mai started from the Outback Bar to U-Tapao airport on Sunday afternoon. Signs of the new motorway is starting to appear everywhere and once that new road connects to the 331 and the work there is complete, the trip to U-Tapao will be less than 30 minutes from the Outback, making this a great departing point. As for now, the trip took just under an hour with roadworks and slow traffic.

Overall Winners: Peter Moon (2nd), Joe Miller (1st), and Brendan Cope (3rd).
Overall Winners: Peter Moon (2nd), Joe Miller (1st), and Brendan Cope (3rd).

A few more tourers joined us at the airport, yet one or two more in Chiang Mai coming from Bangkok or in the case of Peter Moon, driving there himself over a leisurely few days. Everyone on tour was upgraded free of charge by the Outback to Deluxe rooms since we got a better deal from the hotel than originally anticipated, and just as well because the hotel is starting to look a bit tired and dated, something to keep in mind for the next trip there.

As usual, we gathered at the piano bar in the hotel, where it is ok to buy your own bottle of spirits and just have the mixes bought from the hotel. The Dukes restaurant just next to MacDonalds became a few of us’ favorite dining place – great value, delicious food and gigantic portions.

Golf on the day 1 was at Summit Green Valley, a beautiful layout in cool cloudy weather with just a short rain interruption during play. I thought the course was really well designed, with a lot of trouble left and right from the fairways, and reasonable greens running at a modest pace. The condition on the fairways wasn’t all that good, and Bob St. Aubin blamed the condition of his lies for not winning the day. The rest of us blames him not winning the day on the 15 Heinekens he had around the track! With myself not part of the competition, Barry Copestake took the honours with 34 points proving just how much of a challenge this course presented.

With a few of us, especially Sugar Ray and myself, being a little rough around the edges after a night out exploring the many fabulous bars, we set off on day 2 for Maejo golf course. Nestled for the most part between fruit trees, fairways were in good condition with the greens a little slow. I do like this course as well, as it does have a lot to offer but again, course maintenance is just not 5 stars.

Bob St. Aubin blamed the poor lies he had in the bunkers for not scoring better. The rest of us blamed the 13 Heineken’s he had. A few better rounds today with Peter Moon and Jo miller both getting 35 points and Andy Makara finishing 3rd with 34 points.

A day off on Wednesday left the guys with wives exploring the mountains and the single guys recovering from the night before mingling just in the vicinity of the hotel. Personally I needed the day off, eating out with Andy Makara, Sugar Ray, Joe and Bob St. Aubin the previous nights and then exploring town with Sugar Ray took its toll and some much needed sleep was in order.

Thursday morning and off to the best course of the ones we went to – Highlands. Great condition, beautiful surroundings and a playable course. Bob St. Aubin blamed his poor form on him not being able to complete his swing today. The rest of us blamed his poor form on the 14 Heinekens he had during the round.

Joe Miller was peppering the pins on this day, with several approach shots finishing within inches of the cup. Dustin Johnson would have been happy hitting them that close. So with the best round of his life (missing at least 5 putts within 6 feet), Joe Miller romped in with a 46 pointer on the day to blast him past the rest of the field. Peter Moon and Bob Maloney did his best to catch him on 38 points, but to no avail. Don Everett became the only person on tour to get a 2 on the last day.

On Friday before our flight back, a couple guys took on Alpine course which is also a highly recommended course and we will for sure include this challenging course on our next Chiang Mai trip.

Thank you to everyone coming and congratulations to all our various winners. It was a great experience with you all where everything worked out just about perfect.