It’s been a long way to the top for Tip

Winner, Tip Briney. Tip likes a siesta after golf, so we have found an old photo from the archives.
Winner, Tip Briney. Tip likes a siesta after golf, so we have found an old photo from the archives.

Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf Society

Monday, July 6 Pleasant Valley Stableford

One thing that Tip Briney has is willpower. For week after week he could barely hit the driver past the ladies’ tee. Then he changed to a four iron, which was better, but short lived. Throughout this long and frustrating period, that would have taken down lesser men, he kept smiling, hoping that things would improve.

Then, like a bolt from above, he started to hit the driver again and, after playing well on the Soi Dao trip, today he ran up 39 points to win again, at last, and a long awaited Green Jacket.

Mike Jeffreys has been playing steady golf and his 37 points was a very good effort to beat his travelling buddy, Lawrie McBride, in a close countback for second place.

Twelve golfers, in three four balls, all managed to get around in good time. The first group finished in 3hrs 45 mins, quite slow for them, but they did have a couple of other groups ahead of them.

The weather stayed fine and dry with just some small breezes to break up the heat.

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We have missed out on the ‘best nines’ for a few games due to lack of players, but brought that segment back today.

Best Front Nine (non winners) – Steve Moxey – 20 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners) – Mike Firkin – 17 pts c/back

Winners at Pleasant Valley

1st Place – Tip Briney (30) – 39 pts

2nd Place – Mike Jeffreys (20) – 37 pts c/back

3rd Place – Lawrie McBride (12) – 37 pts

The place-getters or, in fact, all of the twelve golfers handled the course conditions very well.

We don’t feel comfortable criticising these courses but, really, Pleasant Valley can do much better than they did Monday. There seems to be a problem with the greens as they were patchy and sanded and just didn’t play well. This is not the only course with greens problems currently, why? The fairways were nicely mown and played okay, while some tee boxes are being renovated.

We paid the inexplicable ‘holiday rate’ of 1800 baht all-in, but the surprise came, for the walkers at least, when they were told that carts were compulsory, at Pleasant Valley? Really?

There are other courses in better condition at the moment, and for a cheaper price, even at the ‘holiday rate’, and not compulsory carts. We are booked here for next month and looking forward to the improvements we are sure will come.