Hot weather, hot round


The Backyard Golf Society

The Backyard Golf Society lads had a solid hit-out at Emerald last Friday, May 16.  The weather was sweltering and everyone was glad to get back for a cold shower and beverages after the 18.  The course has improved a little, recent rains have brought some green back to the parched fairways.

We had a couple of new players today in the competition.  The winner was Ken with 42 points, including 25 on the front nine.  A handicap adjustment is in order there for sure.

The skins were doled out well with Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend the biggest winner with 5, 3 each to Ken (have to see him in action a few times before he gets a nickname) and Dannie the Scumberger captain, 2 to The Biss (retired for the 52nd time but may go back to work again) and 1 to Irish John.  The last 5 holes were drawn so a nice sweetener for next outing in the skins.

The Quiet Man was the winner of the near-pin today, something that surprised him more than anyone.  Surely Diet Whiskey will be very skeptical of that result.

With the local council road boys deciding to dig up both sides of the road near the course it took a while to reach the watering-hole down the road.  We were eventually joined by the Aussie sextet, their round starting late due to vision problems and terminating early at the 16th where vision returned and they did not like what they saw.  Apparently the caddies saved several shots with good putting for the lads.