Hill warms up for Hua Hin with victory at Green Valley


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Feb. 25, Burapha – Stableford

Forty-nine players went to Burapha to play the A and B courses from the blue markers.  The day was hot and humid with a light breeze to start with that disappeared half way through the round and it looks like summer is here to stay, so it’s only going to get hotter from here on. 

The course was presented well with all fairways, greens and rough, cut and bunkers raked.  The greenkeeper continues to heavily water the course, especially the greens and surrounds which makes for some difficult shots as you have to fly the ball all the way to the green.  Some fairways have dried out and you can get some distance with your drives, however, the greens are in great condition and will hold flighted balls and are flat and true to putt on.

Greenwood podium placers (from the left): Barney, Ploy, Paul, and Laurie.Greenwood podium placers (from the left): Barney, Ploy, Paul, and Laurie.

Welcome to the TIAC members who joined us today and for the rest of the week, in preparation for their own annual four-day tournament which started Monday (4th March), and also welcome back to some of the Wanneroo boys, namely Kim Scaddan, Terry Fitzgerald and Trevor Oliver.

Four Divisions plus the ‘2’s and the best score of the day was recorded by Tim Knight with 38 points off his 22 handicap, winner of Division C; other good scores were returned by Wayne Cotterell with 37 points to win Div B; Andrew Makara also with 37 points to win Div D and Graham Holmes with 36 points to take Div A.

There were four ‘2’s from Eng (B3), Graham Fletcher (B8), & Graham Holmes got two on A6 & B8.

Div A (0-12)

1st Graham Holmes (6) 36pts

2nd Peter Sapwell (12) 35pts

3rd Geoff Stimpson (7) 33pts

Div B (13-17)

1st Wayne Cotterell (13) 37pts

2nd John O’Keefe (16) 34pts

3rd Stephen Mann (12) 33pts

Div C (18-22)

1st Timothy Knight (22) 38pts

2nd Bob Lindborg (22) 35pts

3rd John Player (19) 31pts

Div D (23+)

1st Andrew Makara (29) 37pts

2nd David Davies (23) 35pts

3rd Sunanta Duangwaw (29) 31pts

Tuesday, Feb. 26, Khao Kheow – Stableford

28 players to Khao Kheow to play the C and B courses yet again (6 weeks in a row) and I can tell all players that we will definitely be playing more of the A course and getting more variety in the coming weeks.  A lovely summer day with a great breeze which didn’t make the golf course any easier but at least it kept the golfers cool.

Peter Macnoe (left) with the Wanneroo Group.Peter Macnoe (left) with the Wanneroo Group.

The course is in good condition and all fairways, rough and greens had been cut and the course looked a picture.  The fairways are a little dry and the new fairways are coming along very well and overall the course just gets better and better.  With the dry fairways players were getting a lot more run than normal and certainly helped the longer hitters.  The greens are excellent to putt on and are flat, true and fast.

Welcome to Perry See Hoe for his first game with the Outback and also welcome back to Rod Crosswell.

Two Divisions plus the ‘2’s and the best scores were all in Division 1 with Conner Doyle returning the best score of the day with 38 points off his 11 handicap from Graham Holmes with 37 and Rod Crosswell also with 37.  Mark Gagliardi was happy to show some form to take fourth place with 36 points.

Div B was won by Sugar with the meagre score of just 34pts.

There were two ‘2’s from Graham Homes (C8) and Steve Davey (B3) – well done Steve!

Div A (0-17)

1st Conner Doyle (11) 38pts

2nd Graham Holmes (6) 37pts

3rd Rod Crosswell (14) 37pts

4th Mark Gagliardi (12) 36pts

Div B (18+)

1st Sugar Ray Handford (17) 34pts

2nd Jock Young (23) 32pts

3rd Graeme Crofts (22) 31pts

4th Terry Fitzgerald (21) 29pts

Wednesday, Feb. 27, Plantation – Stableford

Twenty-seven players to Siam Plantation to play the Pineapple and Sugar Cane courses, thanks to the starter for the switch from the Tapioca course which we have played for the last few weeks.  Two groups hit off at 8am and the other five hit off at our normal time of 8.36 and all groups were finished and in the clubhouse by 1pm which is great time around Siam at this time of the year.

The course has been heavily watered and there was not much run on the fairways but the greens were very receptive.  What can you really say about the course other than it’s just in great condition and is always presented that way.  Interesting to note that some of the bunkers have the same faces as those that cost the Thailand lady her first LPGA win and little ledges can be found on a number of bunkers which would make for unplayable shots, but what do you do to stabilise the faces with the amount of rain and run off that they can get here in Thailand?

Welcome back to Robert Holl joining the rest of his Wanneroo mates and welcome to new Outbacker, Mark Partridge.

Two Divisions plus the ‘2’s and there were a number of good scores returned with the best from Robert Holl with 39 points off his 10 handicap to win Division 1 and Peter Macnoe with 38 points of his 23 handicap to win Division 2.  Doug Campbell and Chris Davisson both shot 37 points and Geoff Stimpson 36 points, well done to all.

Only one ‘2’ for the day and that went to Gerry O’Dwyer on Sugar Cane 6.

Div A (0-14)

1st Robert Holl (10) 39pts

2nd Doug Campbell (13) 37pts

3rd Geoff Stimpson (7) 36pts

4th Mark Partridge (9) 35pts

Div B (15+)

1st Peter Macnoe (23) 38pts

2nd Chris Davisson (14) 37pts

3rd Graham Fletcher (23) 35pts

4th John Burns (19) 34pts

Wednesday, Feb. 27, Greenwood – Stableford

An excellent turnout of 23 players here at Greenwood to play the A & C loops, making a total for the day of 50 players, when added to the Siam Plantation guys.

Welcome to the three ladies down from Bangkok, namely Ploy Thongphen, Suparp and Wanta (again) and also welcome back to Bruce Milner, over from the Philippines and warming up for the big tour down to Hua Hin in about 10 days time.

Laurie Rive was also warming up for the TIAC group tournament, so a great start for Laurie to win Div A with 35pts ahead of Paul Bourke, who is playing well at the moment, on 33.  Ploy took third playing off 6 with 32.

In Div B the honours were taken by Andy Makara, who is getting his game together and must fancy his chances a bit in Hua Hin; Andy scored 35pts, four clear of Barney Clarkson who is playing in both the aforementioned comps, so good luck to you Barney!  Tim Knight kept up his ‘Race2Bkk’ chase with third place, heading a three-way count back on 30.

Ploy Thongphen got the only ‘2’.

Div A (0-17)

1st Laurie Rive (15) 35pts

2nd Paul Bourke (11) 33pts

3rd Ploy Thongphen (6) 32pts

Div B (18+)

1st Andrew Makara (29) 35pts

2nd Barney Clarkson (24) 31pts

3rd Timothy Knight (22) 30pts

Friday, March 1, Green Valley – Stableford

Green Valley maybe a popular course but they have to better address their regulars throughout the year rather than surrender all their carts and caddies to the Koreans, who are only here for a relatively short time.  Why not allow sharing and one caddie per cart rather than leave the rest of their customers in disarray, many with no carts and many more with no caddies?

More than half our field of 56 players started without caddies (for which they were charged) and many customers were left stranded down by the clubhouse waiting for carts or looking for their clubs.

When I left, having got all our groups away, I drove out past the accommodation block where many of the Koreans stay, to see at a guess, some 60 to 80 carts all parked up, each with one bag on them and caddies nearby, whilst they were all in having lunch!

The best score of the day was recorded by Greg Hill with an excellent 40pts to win Div C, indicating that he might be just coming right for next week’s big tourney in Hua Hin and another who must fancy his chances will be Paul Bourke, who took the Div A win on 36, with Peter Sapwell and Paul Greenaway both one shot back.

Elsewhere, Joe Mooneyham got his new R1 driver set right, winning Div B with 37pts, a long way clear of the second placed man, a surprised John Stafford on 31, tied with Tom Morris, and Dave Coller won Div D with the same 37.

Believe it or not, there was not one single ‘2’ today.

Div A (0–14)

1st Paul Bourke (11) 36pts

2nd Peter Sapwell (12) 35pts

3rd Paul Greenaway (8) 35pts

4th Selwyn G. Wegner (13) 34pts

5th Martin Kingswood (13) 33pts

Div B (15–18)

1st Joe Mooneyham (16) 37pts

2nd John Stafford (18) 31pts

3rd Tom Morris (17) 31pts

4th Barry McIntosh (17) 29pts

5th Brian Milburn (18) 28pts

Div C (19–22)

1st Greg Hill (20) 40pts

2nd Ken Holman (20) 36pts

3rd Suzi Lawton (19) 35pts

4th Tim Davies (20) 34pts

5th Bob Lindborg (22) 34pts

Div D (23+)

1st David Coller (23) 37pts

2nd Grant Birkett (28) 35pts

3rd David Davies (23) 31pts

4th Ray Verrall (23) 28pts

5th Andrew Makara (29) 28pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.  Finally, if you want to get away from Pattaya over Songkhran, log on to the www.outbackgolfbar.com and read about our next tour to Chiang Mai.  A smaller scale than usual, no more than 28 players, leaving on 15th April and returning on Sat 20th April, and there are still places available.