Hart takes DeVere Monthly Medal


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Dec. 30, Burapha – Stableford

Finally, the high season has arrived at Burapha, as the 37 Outbackers, playing the C & D loops were slowed to a snail pace behind groups of Koreans, leading to a four and a half hour round, which is long for here, considering we are all in carts!  It was overcast with a cool wind and the course was in its usual great condition.

Steve Mann, who was suffering from flu, brushed all that aside on the golf course, coughing and spluttering his way to the day’s top score of 39pts to take Div A by two from course specialist, John Cunningham with 37pts, playing off 7 and regular visitor, Alex Graham, also with 37, playing off 9.

In the prizes on Wednesday (from the left): John Fitzgerald, John White, ‘Chopper’ and Steve Reece.In the prizes on Wednesday (from the left): John Fitzgerald, John White, ‘Chopper’ and Steve Reece.

The second best score of the day of 38pts earned John O’Keefe the Div B title, from Bob Finley (36pts) and Chopper (Kerry), who has played some excellent whilst on his holiday, with 35pts.

Div C didn’t fare quite so well this week, as Peter McNoe’s 34pts (welcome back mate) was enough to win from Greg LeBlanc in a distant second place on just 28 who beat Tim Knight on c/b.

Finally, welcome also to Bob Barnes and his group.

There were five ‘2’s from Stephen Mann, Geoff Stimpson & Scott Wilson all on C5, Peter Nixon (D2) and Robert Barnes on D8.

Div A (0-13)

1st Stephen Mann (11) 39pts

2nd John Cunningham (7) 37pts

3rd Alex Graham (9) 37pts

Div B (14-20)

1st John O’Keefe (15) 38pts

2nd Bob Finley (17) 36pts

3rd Kerry Rothman (15) 35pts

Div C (21+)

1st Peter Macnoe (21) 34pts

2nd Greg LeBlanc (26) 28pts

3rd Tim Knight (22) 28pts

Tuesday, Dec. 31, Khao Kheow – Stableford

The last game of the year was to be at Khao Kheow but being a National Holiday, we were struggling with the number of tee times such that we were oversubscribed on Monday night.  Fortunately, an early phone call the following morning sorted the problem and a field of 29 took to this splendid course.

As it happened, there was plenty of room on the course and we could have got away as much as 30 minutes early on the C loop but General Jack delayed us until he was sure everybody had arrived or nearly arrived so as to not break up the groups.

The weather was beautiful; lovely sunshine with a good stiff cool breeze; just right for golf if not a little tricky to gauge the right club and the course was in great nick and looked splendid but maybe a little dry and hard in places.

Only one person beat his handicap, which is not unusual from the yellow tees, so congrats to Geoff Stimpson for his 37pts to win Div A, with two Steve’s following him home both with 34pts; Mr. Plant beating on c/b Mr. Reece, who was recording his first podium finish this trip but unfortunately was returning home.

If your name wasn’t John, then you were to come nowhere in Div B, as the surprise winner was once again John Lawton with a mere 33pts, from John White and John Fitzgerald.

There was a jackpot ‘2’ from Chopper (Kerry) on B3.

Div A (0-18)

1st Geoff Stimpson (9) 37pts

2nd Steve Plant (13) 34pts

3rd Steve Reece (13) 34pts

4th Peter Frost (18) 33pts

Div B (19+)

1st John Lawton (19) 33pts

2nd John White (26) 33pts

3rd John Fitzgerald (19) 31pts

4th Suzi Lawton (29) 28pts

Friday, Jan. 3, Green Valley – Medal

We had a great turnout for the first monthly medal of 2014 sponsored by Greg Hirst of the DeVere Financial Group.  53 starters, which was slightly complicated by the fact that Green Valley management had for some reason taken three of our normal tee times, but after the off the matter was resolved so we should be OK in future.

There seems to be no need to report the condition of the course other than outstanding, particularly when one considers the sheer number of rounds played here.

With double Race2Bkk points up for grabs, the competition was bound to be tough; but only five players played to their handicap or better as Muzza (Murray Hart), who has been in the wilderness for a while, emerged on top with a very fine net 67 off a handicap of 13.  His card looked pretty impressive, not only playing the four par 5’s to par but also playing the back nine in just 2 over.

Bob Finley was two back on 69, made up of two very steady nines, 44 out and 42 back off his 17 handicap, and Eddy Beilby put it together at last to take third on 71.

Rick Evans took fourth equal with a 38 out and a 38 back to also secure the low gross and there were five players all tied on net 74, who included Bob Lindborg, Tom Byrne, Tony Pieroni, Suzi Lawton and John Chambers.

There were also four near pins, kindly sponsored by Tim Knight, whose birthday was on Jan 1st and they were won by Suzi, Paul Greenaway, Brian Mitchell and Dave Coller.

Finally, welcome back to the Irish boys, led by Teddy Lodge and also a couple of new players; Reijo and Seppo.  We said goodbye to Norman Cheetham and his mates, who have been with us for a while on and off and who were returning home to Aus.

You will note that we will no longer have count backs for the minor placings in the Monthly Medal, and will only be used to obtain the outright winner.

There were two ‘2’s from Paul Greenaway & Bob Barnes.

1st Murray Hart (13) net 67

2nd Bob Finley (17) net 69

3rd Eddy Beilby (18) net 71

T4th Michael Wittmaak (24) net 72

T4th Rick Evans (6) net 72

6th Reijo Heiskanen (19) net 73

T7th Bob Lindborg (21) net 74

T7th Tom Byrne (15) net 74

T7th Tony Pieroni (14) net 74

T7th Suzi Lawton (29) net 74

T7th John Chambers (10) net74

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.