Greig triumphs at Mountain Shadow


PSC Golf Bunker Boys at The Ranch

Monday, April, 25, Mt. Shadow (blue tees) – Medal

1st Colin Greig (12) net 73

2nd Mashi Kaneta (16) net 73

3rd Mark Stanley (8) net 74

Near Pins: Mark Stanley, Al Collinge, Ross Schiffke, Gerry Cooney.

Four groups turned out for our trip to this popular course, which is unfortunately suffering like all the courses in the area from a lack of water.  The greens were good and running at a fair speed but there were many areas of hardpan on the fairways and it is safe to say the course was more brown than green.  This, however, did not deter our golfers from recording good medal scores with Colin Greig once again securing the top spot with a commendable net 73, just edging out Mashi Kaneta on a count back.

Wednesday, April, 27, Treasure Hill (yellow tees) – Stableford

1st Neil Carter (17) 36pts

2nd Les Humphrey (24) 35pts

3rd Colin Gregg (12) 32pts

Near Pins: Neil Carter, P.J. Redman (3)

A good turnout for a course that is not yet showing the effects of the drought and seems to have plenty of water to keep the course in remarkable condition, with verdant fairways and good greens that have recently been top dressed.

The low season promotion including buggy and caddie fee is a tremendous incentive to keep booking games at this course.  There were, however only a few people on the course early on with plenty of golfers arriving later in the day after the heat had subsided, which resulted in a fast round for our group.

Scores were good with Neil Carter winning the spoils for the day on 36 from new arrival Les Humphrey on 35.  Special mention should also be made of P.J. Redman who claimed the most difficult three of the four near pins.

Friday, April, 29, Pattana (A &C) – Stableford

1st Jimmy Carr (18) 33pts

2nd Lance Jones (15) 30pts

Near Pins: Les Humphrey, Richard Pluss (2)

It was a very poor turnout today as many of our guys have returned to their homeland and some were taking a well-deserved break from the heat.  A number of our usual players with vehicles were not in attendance and frantic efforts were made to arrange transport to get to the venue.  All was finally organized and two groups teed off on the A & C nines which were in excellent condition and lush in comparison to other courses closer to the coast.

The scores were not that good and Jimmy Carr took top honors with 33 points and Richard Pluss pocketed two near pins.

This course provides buggies in good condition but effectively prohibits their use on the first and last holes of each nine by restricting access to the fairway and thereby discouraging players like myself with mobility problems from playing at this venue.