Golfers return in big numbers


Travellers Rest Golf Group

I must send myself an email this week telling me not to give investment advice, not to take up weather forecasting and not to advise other people on the winning numbers for the next lottery.  I am obviously rubbish at predicting anything about the future after informing you all last week that the High Season in Pattaya was winding down and all the visitors were going home.

Billy Allan.

The golfers returned with a vengeance this past week and the numbers playing were back up to peak season levels.  In fact this week there were two divisions/flights every day except on Tuesday.

Monday, March 7, Pattana – Stableford

On Monday the TRGG week began with another trip over to Pattana to play C and A courses.

In Division 1 that wily old retired greyhound/racehorse trainer, Dave Palmer, fresh from partnering me to a famous win in the TRGG Cribbage Championships the day before, showed that winning can become a habit.  After we gave a couple of young whippersnappers a lesson on pegging your way up a cribbage board he gave the rest of his division a lesson on how to play to your handicap around a tricky golf course.  The old timer was once again top of the board with his 36 pts.  In second place was Peter Seil on 34 points and in third place it was Jon Dean on 32.

In Division 2 one of those aforementioned young whippersnappers, Billy Allan, managed to wipe away the tears from the previous days thrashing and rattled up a remarkable 41 points to take first place.  Dave Maw finished second with an excellent 37 points and the other young whippersnapper Derek Thorogood also made a good recovery from being left in traumatic shock the day before to take third place.

Div.1 (0-12)

1st Dave Palmer (7) 36pts

2nd Peter Seil (6) 34pts

3rd Jon Dean (10) 32pts

Div.2 (13+)

1st Billy Allan (16) 41pts

2nd Dave Maw (14) 37pts

3rd Derek Thorogood (13) 32pts

Tuesday, March 8, Burapha – Stableford

On Tuesday it was again the green pastures of Burapha A and B courses to play host to the TRGG.

Alan Gibb.

Alan Gibb has been showing some good consistent form of late and again he did not disappoint by just finishing ahead of another Scotsman Alan McLeod.  Old saw bones himself, Larry Simpson, took third spot (sorry for not mentioning your hole in one the other week Larry, but well done anyway).

1st Alan Gibb (9) 35pts

2nd Alan McLeod (30) 34pts

3rd Larry Simpson (11) 33pts

Wednesday, March 9, Greenwood – Stableford

We all visited Greenwood (A and C courses) on Wednesday and found it to be quite wet underfoot, probably caused by over watering, which of course meant it played long and many a golfer complained of that dreaded disease “plugged balls”, which can prove extremely painful when trying to accumulate a good score.

In Division 1, Paul Stanton made the best of things to take first place.  Larry Simpson again got his name up in lights by finishing second and young Tristan Gilbert took third.

Erwin Epp just managed to pip Aussie Bill Reid in Division 2 but only after a count back, with them both finishing on 32 points.  John Baxter was a point behind in third place.

Div.1 (0-13)

1st Paul Stanton (12) 34pts

2nd Larry Simpson (11) 33pts

3rd Tristan Gilbert (10) 32pts

Div.2 (14+)

1st Erwin Epp (19) 32pts

2nd Bill Reid (14) 32pts

3rd John Baxter (14) 31pts

Thursday, March 10, Green Valley – Stableford

Green Valley was the destination on Thursday and both divisions were closely contested affairs.

Paul Stanton.

In Division 1 Robert Holl probably had a head start, with a surname like that he obviously knew where the hole was.  Neil Bramley finished second beaten on count back by Mr Holl and Nick Thomas had another good day by finishing third.

In Division 2, Mr. Runner-up Derek Thorogood stuck his chest out an extra inch to this time take first place from Joe Nagle, who also finished on 35 points.  His cribbage partner Billy Allan pegged 32 points and came in third.

Div.1 (0-12)

1st Robert Holl (11) 35pts

2nd Neil Bramley (7) 35pts

3rd Nick Thomas (10) 33pts

Div.2 (13+)

1st Derek Thorogood (13) 35pts

2nd Joe Nagle (15) 35pts

3rd Billy Allan (15) 32pts

Friday, March 11, The Emerald – Stableford

Emerald rounded off the week on Friday and inDivision 1 it was Roger Wilkinson who once again showed why this is his favourite course by demolishing it yet again.  My playing partner was a joy to behold on his road to first place.  The only road I took that day was to oblivion but I should guess every golfer has passed that way before at some time or another.  Bill Reid took second place and John Baxter was third.

In Division 2 my other playing partner, Jack Moody, also shot 39 points and if he could putt it would have been nearer to 49.  Erwin Epp was a point behind in second and Gary Ralph took third place.

Div.1 (0-14)

1st Roger Wilkinson (14) 39pts

2nd Bill Reid (14) 37pts

3rd John Baxter (14) 35pts

Div. 2 (15+)

1st Jack Moody (22) 39 pts

2nd Erwin Epp (19) 38 pts

3rd Gary Ralph (17) 36 pts

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week and if you would like to play a round of golf with the TRGG, please phone Derek Thorogood on 080 673 3118 or pop into the Valentines Guest House Restaurant and Bar in Soi Lengkee and add your name to the weekly lists which are posted on the notice board.