Golf Tips: Golfing Distance


We all need to be very honest about the topic of golf distance. The reason being that everyone that plays the game of golf is preoccupied with getting good distance. This article will examine the many misconceptions about shot distance.

Almost every bit of advertisement these days, whether it is about golf balls, clubs or accessories, entices the golfer by offering greater distance of some sort or another. Using our driver will give you more distance off the tee or try our new xxx golf ball for greater distance, they exclaim! In the meantime they try to convince you that distance is really number one. Golf distance has been so ingrained into our psyche that we even make sure we inquire about distance when buying just about any new golf item.

Playing good golf is more about accuracy than about distance. Granted, hitting a 275 yard drive off the tee is great fun but if it isn’t accurate and on the fairway, it won’t do much to help your score. What good does it do to hit a Pitching Wedge 140 yards if it is not hit accurately? Distance is important but I’ll take accuracy over distance any day.

To prove my point just look at the L.P.G.A. Tour. There is no way that these excellent women golfers can hit the ball as far as most male PGA Tour Players, yet, their scores are very commensurate with men. Yes the courses they play are, for the most part shorter but this proves my point, which is that golf distance is not as important as golf accuracy.

I think every golfer needs to step back and ask themselves just how important golf distance really is to their game. Which is more worthwhile, a 275 yard drive that lands in deep rough or a 240 yard drive that lands in the center of the fairway?

In my view, striving for greater distance is the single biggest contributor to poor scores. Rather than swinging within themselves, many golfers try to kill the ball. This is a chronic problem which is relatively easy to correct with the use of the proper mental discipline.