Gerry Sweetnam winds the day


PSC golf from the Billabong

Phoenix on a warm day. We thought it was coming into winter but the heat is still here. There was a lot of dark clouds around but no rain at all thank goodness. The course is in fantastic condition even with the amount of rain it has had on it in recent weeks. Carts on the concrete only so lift clean and place was the order of the day.

The scoring was ordinary to say the least. Out of five groups playing there were only 4 players that scored 30 points or better.

John Seton scored 30 points to take 4th place. Then there was a count back between Thiery Temime and Adam Hewson, both on 32 points with Thiery getting the better of Adam to take second and Adam Third.

The day was won by Gerry Sweetnam with a handicap round of 36 points off his new H/C of 7.