George Gamble on fire at Crystal Bay

Stephen, George & Greg.
Stephen, George & Greg.

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya

Friday, Dec. 27 Crystal Bay Stableford

On Tuesday 24th December we went with 3 groups to Pleasant Valley. It was a nice and sunny day with sometimes a nice breeze.

The course was in reasonable condition with good fairways and greens and a pleasure to play. With the PSC-voucher program the course is a good value for the money.

It was an exciting day with many results very close. Our silent power man, Neil Harvey, was the most consistent. He won with 38 Stableford points. Bob Edwards struggled on hole 16 and gave away the victory. He came second with 37 Stableford points. Stephen Ford, just arrived for holiday from Vietnam, came third with 35 points.

The near pins were won by John Feeney, Allan Cassin, Maurice Copan and Willem Lasonder.

Thursday, Dec. 26 Crystal Bay Stableford


Crystal Bay C & A was the venue on Thursday 26th December. The course was in reasonable condition with a big difference in green speed between the C and A course. C was slow and A was much better and faster. It was a beautiful warm day again with a nice breeze.

There was one man today who blew everybody away. George Gamble was in top form and won with 43 Stableford points. Stephen Ford came second with 36 Stableford points and third was Greg Jones with 35 Stableford points.

The near pins were won by Stan Rees, Maurice Copan, and paddy Devereux.


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