Freddy & Miss Dan medalled up


Golf from The Billabong Golf Bar

Monday, Sept. 26, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

The alarm was not required this morning as the thunder overhead did the necessary to ensure we would not oversleep.  All the way round the course we were accompanied by the orchestrated sounds of thunder and the threat of rain but, mercifully for those clean living lads from the Billabong, umbrellas were not required until we had returned to the car park and had stowed our clubs in the cars.

The victorious Billabong Team – scramble winners at Plutaluang
The victorious Billabong Team – scramble winners at Plutaluang

The course is always in good condition despite the fairways being scarified, these things have to be done, but on the fifth green today George Barrie had a perplexed expression on his face for he could not find his ball, even though it had just trickled over the back.  It was nowhere to be seen even with the help of a couple of caddies.  The water seemed the obvious solution until his caddie suggested as a last resort that he should look in the hole.  No one believed for one moment that it was a possibility but low and behold, there it was for George’s first ever eagle and 5 points. We then realized how he had received the nickname ‘the ballerina’, a joy to behold.

Miss Dan (right) receives the monthly medal from Brain Chapman.
Miss Dan (right) receives the monthly medal from Brain Chapman.

The cross handed grip of Jerry Grocot saw him come home with 36 points, not allowing his wife Julie to win the day for she was relegated to second place with 35.

We seldom see any 2s at Phoenix but it was a pleasure for George Barrie to receive this prize, particularly on a par four.

Wednesday, Sept. 28, Green Valley – Monthly Medal

The Billabong, as do all the golf venues in Pattaya, play friendly golf but with a degree of competitiveness.  But one thing that Capt. Bob will not accept is bending the rules to suit oneself, which is tantamount to cheating.  There is no room for those that interpret the rules to gain an advantage and those that are involved will no longer be welcome at the Billabong Golf Club.  Belligerent and threatening behavior will also not be tolerated and will be treated in the same manner.  Golf is a game for ladies and gentlemen – let’s keep it that way.

Last week the greens at Green Valley were unplayable for, seemingly, there was more sand on the greens than the bunkers.  It is very disappointing that the management have no consideration for those that play regularly at the course and failed to offer either a discount on the green fee or the chance to play an alternative venue.

Today was the monthly medal sponsored by a great friend of the Billabong, Brain Chapman of Haven Consultants Financial Advisers.  The clouds threatened all sorts of evil deeds when we started and, sure enough, we had 2 hours of rain, not heavy but just enough to dampen the spirits.

Freddy Starbeck (right) won the men’s monthly medal at Green Valley.
Freddy Starbeck (right) won the men’s monthly medal at Green Valley.

In the ladies competition Miss Pin secured a podium spot with a net 77, with Miss Karn in second with a net 75, but Miss Dan received the invitation to next year’s final with a superb net 68.

Bent lost a count back to George Barrie, both recording net 72s and second place was occupied by Auke Engekles with a net 71, but this could easily have been at least 4 shots better.  Freddy Starbeck won the day with a fine 68 net to take line honours.

The greens not having recovered from the debacle of last week resisted all attempts to record any 2s.

Friday, Sept. 30, Plutaluang G.C. – Scramble

Friday saw the monthly scramble held again at the Plutaluang Golf course, which is in magnificent condition at the moment with lush fairways and greens that were great to putt on.

With 12 groups playing we were all away by 9.45 a.m. and there were no holdups, just a nice day for golf with no rain and some high cloud to keep the heat out.

The group behind us had left one of their team to play his last drive off the 18th – not a very good practice but nevertheless when we looked back they were down on all fours trying to find the ball, which finished up in a hedge and suffice to say they had to play 3 off the tee.

Taking third place was the team of Rick Culley, Ramsay Smith, Randy Paevler and Graham Beaumont with a net score of 60.1.  Second place went to the team of Phil Waite, Willem Lasonder, Paddy Devereux and Martin Hayes with a net score of 59.9, but taking the top spot for the second month in a row was Team Billabong, consisting of Greig Ritchie, Bill Marsden, Paul Greenaway and Bob Philp with a net score of 57.7.  See you all for the next scramble on October 28.