Evans in sparkling form at Emerald

Ron Miller, Per Forsberg and Kari Aarnio.

The Jomtien Golf Society

Monday, Feb. 25, Pattana – Stableford

We were playing the C and A nines today with three divisions and an equal cut at 7-14, 15-18 and 19+. The Ban Saray boy Les Smith recorded the best score of the day, winning division 2 with 39 points, Per Forsberg was second one point behind and John Hughes beat Harry Vincenzi on a 19/17 countback after they both came in with 34.

Kari Aarnio won division 3 with 37 points, Robert Angell was second on 35, Rudi Schaefer took third with 33 and Rick Assi placed fourth on 29.

In the premier division the Khao Yai boy Tim Hake was the winner with 36 points, Raivo Velsberg came second on 35, in third place was Ron Miller with 34 and Bob Comartin beat Ian Speirs on a 15/12 back six countback for fourth after they both came in with 33 points.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Tim Hake, John Hughes, Ron Miller and Dennis Scougall, and (Div 2) Kari Aarnio (2), Rick Assi and Steve Harris.

There were no 2s in either division today so rollovers to the Emerald on Wednesday.

Wednesday, Feb. 27, The Emerald – Stableford

We were back to two divisions with the cut today at 11-16 and 18+. Playing off the white tees with a handicap of 14, Nik Evans scored 21 points on the front nine and 20 on the back nine to win division 1 with 41 overall. John Hughes was second on 35, Per Forsberg claimed third on 34 and Dennis Scougall was fourth with 33.

John Carlin with 38 points topped division 2 and there were two 36’s in fighting for second place; Paul Butler beat Rudi Schaefer on a 19/18 countback to take the silver and Harry Vincenzi finished fourth 7 points behind them.

Near pin prizes were won by (Div 1) Nik Evans, John Hughes, Tim Hake and Ian Speirs, and (Div 2) Rudi Schaefer and Harry Vincenzi.

Nik Evans birdied the 15th and John Hughes the 13th with a rollover from Monday and only one 2s winner in division 2, Dave Street on the 5th.

Friday, March 1, Eastern Star – Stableford

Only 28 out today with two divisions and the cut set at 6-17 and 18+. The course here is still improving each week and the greens are becoming even slicker with some tough pin placings and this was reflected in the scores today.

Per Forsberg beat Frank Kelly on a 18/17 back nine countback to win division 1 after both came in with 33 points while Steve Godfrey was third on 32 and Alan Thomas beat Dennis Scougall19/18 for fourth after they both posted 31 points.

John Carlin was the winner in division 2 on 33 points and with three 32’s following in, a countback saw Ron Lavett take second, Tony Thorne third and Kevin Shanahan fourth.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Tim Hake, Les Smith and Ian Speirs, and (Div 2) John Carlin, Frank Kelly and Dave Street.

There were no 2s in either division today.