Dympna wins on St. Andrews debut


IPGC Golf from The Tara Court Golf Group

Sunday, March 1, St. Andrews – Stableford

Back at St. Andrews again on Sunday for what was probably our last cheap round of golf there for this season and it will be back to Green Valley again next week for our regular spot there. 

St. Andrews is usually a very difficult course for higher handicappers but today one of our members proved this wrong with a magnificent forty-one points.  This was Dympna Burke, and to make it even more impressive it was the first time Dympna had ever played here.  Dympna has already lost two shots off her handicap since she started playing with us at the end of last year and this score will certainly mean that she will lose a few more.  Well done Dympna!

Dympna Burke.Dympna Burke.

In second place was Michael Williams with thirty-five points, beating John Deardon in to third on a count back.  George Cullen was fourth with thirty-four and Michael Williams had the only ‘2’ of the day.

1st Dympna Burke (34) 41pts

2nd Michael Williams (16) 35pts

3rd John Deardon (18) 35pts

4th George Cullen (12) 34pts

Tuesday, March 3, Eastern Star – Stableford

Very good value today at Eastern Star where the green fees have been reduced for the low season.  Again the course was in very good condition, both the fairways and the greens and a pleasure to play.  It was not very busy as the Koreans seem to have gone home, so we got around quickly.

Don Byrne was playing his last game with us for this visit and he went out in style, bringing in the best score of the day with thirty-five points.  Des Griffith, playing on what is his home course, had to settle for second with thirty-four and Des beat Robert Hanson into third and John Kelly into third on a count back.

Joe McArdle, John McGarry and Declan Kelly shared the ‘2’s pot.

1st Don Byrne (16) 35pts

2nd Des Griffith (5) 34pts

3rd Robert Hanson (11) 34pts

4th John Kelly (27) 34pts

Thursday, March 5, Phoenix – Stableford

We decided to give Pheonix a visit today as they have also reduced their green fees for low season, making it reasonable value for money although for those who took a golf cart it was still not cheap compared to what is available at other comparable courses in the area.  The course was in excellent condition and also quiet.

Don Byrne.Don Byrne.

Shaun Merriman was the winner today with thirty-six points after beating Brian Dore, who was playing his last game for this trip, on a count back.  George Cullen was third with thirty-five and Barney Sheedy, who was also playing his last game for this trip before going back to sunny Ireland, was fourth with thirty-four.

We had no ‘2’s today.

1st Shaun Merriman (10) 36pts

2nd Brian Dore (5) 36pts

3rd George Cullen (12) 35pts

4th Barney Sheedy (10) 34pts

Note: The Tara Court Golf Group play every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, leaving O’Gara’s Bar and Restaurant in the Tara Court on Pratamnak Rd. around 10.00 a.m.  Sign up either in O’Gara’s or Joe on 0892491364.