Duncan delight at Crystal Bay


PJ’s and Soi Khanoi Golf Group

We had two great outings last week: Tuesday saw us at Eastern Star with our group numbers growing as the new prime season approaches.  Conditions at the course were superb with Willy Nachbur (H/cap 23) the winner again with 34 points and second place going to Ray Bridgeman (24) with 31points after beating Mike J. (15) on count-back.

Ancillary prizes were won by Dave Clamp, Mike Jackson, Rusty Archibald, and Willy Nachbur.

On Thursday we were at Crystal Bay with a good turnout and we found conditions to be perfect for golf – no blazing sun and only a slight wind (unlike it has been for the past few weeks).

The course was in great shape and it showed by our winner’s score as Neil Duncan (16) took top spot with 41 points.  Second place went to John (Raddo) Roddis (11) some way back on 33 points with Ray Bridgeman (24) taking third on 31.  Only Ray’s second time out and his second time to finish in the money!

Technical awards went to Dennis Dunkley, Neil Duncan, Mike J, and longest putt was claimed by Peter Bohr.

Note:  Anyone in the Soi Khanoi area is most welcome to join our group; you can either sign up at PJ’s Pool Bar on Soi Khanoi or call Mike Jackson at 087 933 6652 or Dave Clamp at 080 102 8913.  We have two great venues every Tuesday and Thursday.