De Vos family gets de big fish


Sea fishing with KPK Food Services Club

Ahoy me hearties!

This, December 29, be the last trip of this year and although the winds played havoc with the lines we managed to have a great day out on the ocean.

When I say the winds play havoc, it is because the wind blows the boat so fast across the water that the lines snag up on the bottom of the ocean and snap many times.  Much tackle is lost.  If we drop anchor then the tides are too fast to keep the small lines in a vertical position.  OK, that’s informed you of some of the more intricate problems with fishing.

Catch of the day.Catch of the day.

The good thing is that the weather was absolutely perfect and because the wind was from the land the seas were not rough at all.

As you can see from the photo’s we managed to find a nice queen fish of about 7 or 8 kilos, plus a nice jack towards the end of the day.  As usual the rest of the day we caught many snapper and grouper which always fill the freezer with tasty fish.

We now move into 2012 with renewed hope of good catches and pleasant days with good company on the seas.

Next trip is scheduled for the 21st January and there are a couple of spaces available at this time of writing.

To all of our fishing partners and especially our sponsor Keith Keohane of KPK Food Services Ltd. over the last year, I would like to wish them a very happy and healthy new year.

For more information please call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565.

The big and the small.The big and the small.