Cunningham cans an ‘Ace’


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, March 24, Burapha – Stableford

Thirty-five players here at Burapha today, playing the unusual combination of the A & C courses from the white tees as the B & D nines are being prepared for the Singha sponsored, Pattaya Open which starts here on the 10th April.

Jim Brackett has finally had his handicap reduced to 7 but that did not stop him winning today as he picked up another 1st place in Div A with his 37pts.   Course regulars Geoff Stimpson and John Cunningham were three shots back in second and third respectively.

Bob Mattes (seated left) with ‘Ace-Man’ John Cunningham, Graeme Pround and Graeme Gibson.Bob Mattes (seated left) with ‘Ace-Man’ John Cunningham, Graeme Pround and Graeme Gibson.

Div B went to one of our Aussie visitors, Graeme Gibson, with the day’s top score of 39 and he was three clear of Jimmy Little and Waldo, whilst Bob Mattes (36) made light work of Div C, winning by six from Tim Knight and Graeme Proud.

Jarod & Geoff Brathwaite, winners of Wednesday’s scramble.Jarod & Geoff Brathwaite, winners of Wednesday’s scramble.

Finally we have another hole in one to report as John Cunningham cleaned out the ‘2’s pot, to the disappointment of eight others, with his second Ace in 9 weeks.  John holed his tee shot on C5, so congrats to him and thanks for coming back and ringing the bell.

Div A (0-12)

1st Jim Brackett (7) 37pts

2nd Geoff Stimpson (9) 34pts

3rd John Cunningham (7) 34pts

Div B (13-20)

1st Graeme Gibson (16) 39pts

2nd Jimmy Little (18) 36pts

3rd Stephen Blazsanyik (19) 36pts

Div C (21+)

1st Bob Mattes (21) 36pts

2nd Tim Knight (22) 30pts

3rd Graeme Proud (24) 30pts

Wednesday, March 26, Pattaya C.C. – Scramble

Today was our belated St Patrick’s Day 2-person scramble, inspired by John White who had to return to Ireland last week for health reasons and we all wish you well John.  Why belated?  Many of us were down in Hua Hin on the 17th, the real St. Patrick’s Day.

We chose to hold the event at recently renovated Pattaya Country Club for two reasons; one, it wasn’t too far away, and two, it gave golfers a chance to have a look at what they have done to improve the course here.

Bob Lindborg, looking very dapper, with his lovely caddie.Bob Lindborg, looking very dapper, with his lovely caddie.

The first thing that strikes one, is that the friendliness of the staff has not changed but the second thing that rears its head is that even though we had a special price for the day, the course is completely over-priced, which was the comment made by many of the participants.  Speaking to the management afterwards, I learned that the low season prices have not been totally settled but around 500 baht green fee when purchasing a book of 10 vouchers seemed to be the likely deal.  So good luck with that PCC.

The course itself really isn’t too bad; they have done some good things on the front nine, re-sculpted the greens which have a good growth of grass on them and appear to be coming on well.  I can’t quite understand why they removed two perfectly good drink stops and replaced them with a new one on the Par three 5th hole, which has been built back to front, so no-one can see the green – unless you’re in the loo.

The back nine still needs to mature and the greens are not so good but there are still some good holes here and the 16th, 17th and 18th are three great finishing holes.

So overall about a six out of ten but may well improve when the rains come and we will have another look.

A special welcome back to Jarod & Geoff Braithwaite, today’s winners and also to their mate John Leonard, who didn’t feature today.

Back at the bar, the Outback put on corned beef, cabbage and mashed potato which was well received and Suzi & John Lawton kindly sponsored two near-pin prizes with the Outback providing the other two.  They (the near-pins) were won by Dave Earthrowl (5th), Kerry Beck (7th), Bob Pearce (12th) and Dennis Persson (16th).

Team Results:

1st Jarod Braithwaite & Geoff Braithwaite (6) net 65

2nd Kerry Beck & Campbell Potts (6.5) net 65.5

3rd Sugar Ray Handford & Jack Moseley (9.5) net 67.5

4th Bob Pearce & John Healy (7.75) net 69.25

5th Andy Makara & Greg LeBlanc (12.25) net 69.75

Friday, March 28, Green Valley – Stableford

We had a full house of 48 players here at Green Valley and everybody arriving early enabling us to get away on time, so well done everybody and thanks – it certainly makes the starter’s job a lot easier.

The weather remained overcast and was a little oppressive until later in the day when a light breeze arrived but there was no rain; and the course was in good condition yet again.

Today was the last time the Outback will play Green Valley in its current format as on 1st April, the starting hole reverts to the present third hole.

Geoff Treloar found new strength since he moved to the silver tee, scoring a massive 41pts to win Div D but if he continues like that he will very quickly find a new handicap as well – but well done Geoff!  Greg LeBlanc was six back in second, with Bruce McAdam and Jim Graham completing the podium.

Jim Brackett (37pts) picked up another win in Div A from Steve Mann, John Cunningham and Peter Nixon all on 34.  Jarod Braithwaite followed up his win in the scramble at Pattaya CC with another here, taking Div B with 36pts from his good mate, John Leonard on 32.  Stefan Hoge and Pete Stonebridge were probably both surprised to find themselves in the frame with 31 and 30pts respectively.

Waldo (Steve Blazsanyik) has been playing well of late and today was no exception as he won Div C with 36, from Howard Marson (35), Tom Sisul (34) and Greg Hill (33).

There were five ‘2’s from Geoff Braithwaite & Geoff Stimpson (4th), John Cunningham (12th) and Jim Brackett & Stephen Mann (16th).

Div A (0-13)

1st Jim Brackett (7) 37pts

2nd Stephen Mann (10) 34pts

3rd John Cunningham (7) 34pts

4th Peter Nixon (11) 34pts

Div B (14-17)

1st Jarod Braithwaite (16) 36pts

2nd John Leonard (16) 32pts

3rd Stefan Hoge (17) 31pts

4th Pete Stonebridge (15) 30pts

Div C (18-22)

1st Stephen Blazsanyik (19) 36pts

2nd Howard Marson (19) 35pts

3rd Tom Sisul (22) 34pts

4th Greg Hill (18) 33pts

Div D (23+)

1st Geoff Treloar (28) 41pts

2nd Greg LeBlanc (24) 35pts

3rd Bruce McAdam (27) 34pts

4th Jim Graham (29) 34pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  Call Jack on 081 578 1956.