City pay price for lack of creativity


Bangkok Casuals Football League

Pattaya City F.C. lost a tight game 1-0 to Siam Celtic in a competitive and combative game at the Laem Chabang Arena last weekend.  The game was sponsored by United Football (who pride themselves on producing creative, skilful footballers aged 6-12 at K-Stadium every Saturday).  Unfortunately the players of Pattaya City look to have missed out on those training techniques as the ball was cared for like a hot potato.

Within 5 minutes of kick-off City were on the back foot, Siam squeezed into City’s half and maintained a 20 minute period of pressure on the City goal, testing the new center back pairing of Andy Emery and Big Chris who passed with flying colours.

Pattaya City players pose for a team photo.Pattaya City players pose for a team photo.

City finally put together a good passage of play as Robert Tillotson and Chis Rako linked well to release Nop into the right channel, although no shot found its way on target.

In spite of one good passage of play, City could not find any rhythm and played the last 15 minutes of the half on the back foot; their commitment couldn’t be questioned but it was clear that City were lacking that creative spark to unlock the opposition defense.  The first half ended goalless.

It was Siam who came out stronger at the start of the second period and they bombarded the City goal with a series of corners that produced no less than 7 goalline clearances; special mentions to Fed for one Gordon Banks like save and to defenders Shane, Tim, Andy, Richie and Chris W. who all put their bodies on the line.

Despite the heroics of the City back line, after what seemed like Siam’s100th corner of the match they finally found a way past City’s in-form keeper.  A deep corner caused confusion which ultimately led to Fed punching into his own net. 1-0 Siam.

City tried desperately to find a way into the match, but with little success.  Then came the game’s major flash point, if you remember Keane vs Vieira or young enough to have witnessed Keegan vs. Bremner, then you’ll know that this incident was absolutely nothing like those kind of wars.  A strong tackle from Siam’s left back was met with fury from Luka Turnellio.  However, with no free-kick given, Luka petulantly stamped on the opposing player’s foot.  What then transpired can only be described as the world’s most romantic waltz as both players began dancing in circles as if celebrating their golden anniversary.  Players from both teams stood giggling and perplexed, although the referee didn’t see the funny side and sent both players off.

Although both teams were now down to 10 men, the pattern of the game showed no signs of changing, and regardless of some hopeful long balls, City were unable to breach the Siam goal.  The final score ended 1-0 to Siam Celtic.

Pattaya coach Terry Wilcox has already booked his team a session at United Football, although he has made strict stipulations that no under 12 players be present.

“It’s one thing being hammered by a team in your own league, but to be humiliated by a group a primary school children is a completely different kettle of fish.  We just can’t spare that kind of confidence right now…..we’re at an all-time low, we can’t afford to lose any more confidence.” said Terry.

Terry is rumored to have dipped his toes into the January transfer market this week, with new signings expected to be unveiled and involved in City’s next game, home to Bangkok FC

Pattaya City would like to thank all the team’s sponsors for their support: Pattaya Rent a Car; Thai Visa, Asia Back Packers, Gecko Properties; KPK Foods, I-Rovers Sports Bar, kit manufacturer – Puma, and match sponsors United Football.