Cavaliers romp to scramble success


The Billabong Bar Golf Society

Wednesday, Sept. 25, Green Valley – Stableford

Green Valley, even though the greens were top dressed, was in majestic condition today and the scores were on the better side of thirty for most.  There were some muddy spots that maybe in hindsight we should have played winter rules as in ‘pick and place’ but by looking at the scores it probably wasn’t necessary. 

It was a real log jam at the top of the leader board, with 37 points only good enough for fifth place, Owen Walkley was that recipient.  Coming in fourth was Sel Wegner with 38 after being beaten on a count back by Alan Bissell in third.  Second prize went to Bruce McAdam aka B2 with 39 points and taking the leaders spot was Jack Butler with 40 points.

Scramble winners (L to R) Robert Cross, Jeff North and Geoff Couch.Scramble winners (L to R) Robert Cross, Jeff North and Geoff Couch.

There were also a couple of ‘2’s coming from Alan Bissell, playing with the Billabong for the first time, and the other coming from a scintillating shot played by the Irish comedian JJ Harney, dropping it two feet from the flag on the twelfth.  We said goodbye to JJ for a while as he was heading home to say hello to the family and to take over his new pub.

Friday, Sept. 27, Plutaluang – Scramble

Once again our monthly scramble was a huge success and with nine groups playing we were all away in less than an hour and the drinking and fun began in earnest.  The course was in good condition but some of the greens were under repair, making some putts and chips a little harder and it reflected in the scores with nobody beating 60 for a change.

If, like the lads from the Billabong, you left your last drive for the last hole as we did for Don Wilson, it does seem to put a little pressure on, but at least Don put his shot on the fairway.  There was one team who shall remain nameless who left one player till the 18th and he managed to put it out of bounds.  Interesting to note his drive was taken but they all played it three off the tee – nice way to finish, I’ll bet that golfer got some ragging for his effort.

(L to R) Alan Bissell, Sel Wegner Bruce McAdam and JJ Harney.(L to R) Alan Bissell, Sel Wegner Bruce McAdam and JJ Harney.

Coming in third today was the team of Dale Autin, Brian Autin, Jim Grieve and Tom Thompson with 61.5.  Second place went to Bob Philp, Darl White, Don Wilson and Ian Chipman with a net score of 60.5, and in first was the team of Graham Beaumont, Jeff North, Robert Cross and Geoff Couch with a net score of 60.1.

It seems the Courtyard Cavaliers need Robert Cross as there ringer because every time he plays in their group they win, albeit today by a mere 0.4 of a shot.  The next scramble will be the 25th October same venue same course.

Note:  The Billabong Golf Bar is situated just off Siam Country road looking straight down Lake Mabprachan.  Give Bob a call on 082 204 3411 if you are looking for a game.