Campell rides off with the loot


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, Jan. 2, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Div 1 (0-14)

1st Guy Fraser (12) 38pts
2nd Mike Rushant (11) 35pts
3rd Horike Takeyori (9) 33pts

Div 2 (15+)

1st Lawrence Lee (21) 34pts
2nd Freddy Star Beck (16) 34pts
3rd Ted Senior (17) 33pts

On Monday the group headed off to the picturesque Khao Kheow golf course where magnificent weather, a flourishing high season and new year hope insured that a healthy 30 golfers pitted their skills against a course that is always capable of challenging the best.

A strong wind made sure that nearly every golfer struggled to play to their handicap, with ex-college wrestling champion Guy Fraser being the only one to do so and scoring 38 points in the process.  The closest player to him was fellow Canadian Mike Rushant in second with 35 points while Horike Takeyori claimed third and Danny Ford fourth.

Top spot in Division 2 went to Dr Lawrence Lee with 34 points who won on count back from Freddie Starbeck.  Third place went to the man in form, Ted Senior, whilst Rob Heralds 33 points saw him take fourth.

Glen Campell.
Glen Campell.

Tuesday, Jan. 3, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

1st Glen Campell (15) 43pts
2nd John Nicholas (11) 41pts
3rd John O’Donoghue (18) 38pts

The group played Pleasant Valley golf course on Tuesday and once again they were blessed with ideal weather conditions and the day was set for high scoring.   After the previous day’s shabby efforts, 19 players (23 entered) scored over 30 points whilst there were 8 players who either hit, or hit over their handicap.

Forging ahead from the rest of the field like a rhinestone cowboy, Glen Campell scored 43 points from his 15 handicap whilst John Nicholas can consider himself unlucky to only come 2nd with 41 points.  Train driver John O’Donoghue steamed into 3rd place whilst Warren Shelley and Dave Maw took 4th and 5th places respectively

Wednesday, Jan. 4, The Emerald – Stableford

Div 1 (0-16)

1st Danny Ford (11) 38pts
2nd Anthony Atherton (13) 37pts
3rd Yaksu Takasaka (12) 33pts
4th Derek Thorogood (14) 32pts

Div 2 (17+)

1st Hero Kuratsu (17) 38pts
2nd John Baxter (17) 35pts
3rd Ted Senior (17) 35pts
4th Seamus Farrell (25) 30pts

Wednesday saw the society visiting the undulating fairways of Emerald.  There is no feeling like hitting one straight down the fairway at Emerald, only to then find the ball lying 4 feet below your stance.

The day was highlighted by a dramatic temperature inversion.  Before 11 very cool after 11 it became very hot.  The rapid greens made it difficult with only 3 players playing to their handicaps.

In Division 1 Danny Ford led the way with 38 points, being followed closely home by Rotherham tyke Tony Atherton with 37.  Third place went to Yasu Takasaka whilst Derek Thorogood bagged fourth.

Hero Kuratsu won Division 2 with 38 points while 2nd 3rd and 4th places were a dog fight between Travellers Rest veterans John Baxter, Ted Senior and Seamus Farrell and they finished in that order.

Guy Fraser.
Guy Fraser.

Thursday, Jan. 5, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Thomas Ryan (0) 33pts
2nd Yasu Takasaka (12) 32pts
3rd Alan Ryan (6) 31pts

On Thursday the society made its weekly visit to Green Valley with the 15 golfers making up one division.  The winner of the day was Thomas Ryan with 33 points off his scratch handicap, and the Thomas family tried to make it a family affair with dad, Alan finishing 3rd with 31 points.  The family monopoly was split by Yasu Takasaka and his 32 points

Friday, Jan. 6, Parichat – Stableford

1st Yasu Takasaka (12) 36pts
2nd Billy Allan (19) 34pts
3rd John O’Donoghue (17) 32pts

Parichat golf course was the venue for Friday’s competition.  This course is proving to be one of the sternest challenges in the Pattaya area and this day proved to be no different.

Yasu Takasaka took the honors with 36 points and this proved to be a very good week for Yasu, being on the podium on 3 occasions.  Billy Allan came a popular second.  Everyone loves an underdog and in Billy’s case he is the real deal.  John O’Donoghue claimed 3rd whilst Barry Wood flew into 4th spot.

Nim Ford.
Nim Ford.

Saturday, Jan. 7, Greenwood – Stableford

Div 1 (0-14)

1st Nim Ford (12) 35pts
2nd Paul Sharples (14) 35pts
3rd Tristan Gilbert (11) 34pts

Div 2 (15+)

1st Richard Talbot (16) 34pts
2nd Arnold Jones (16) 32pts
3rd Keith Evans (16) 31pts

Saturday saw a return to Greenwood with 32 players and heavy overnight rain had left a sodden golf course which was playing very long.  In fact no player reached their handicap.

In Division 1 Wayne Boylan claimed 4th place with 33 points, whilst TRGG’s own shy and retiring lumberjack, Tristan Gilbert took 3rd with 34.  Paul Sharples produced a fine 35 points but this was beaten on count back by Nim Ford who also collected two 2’s in her round to win the day.

In Division 2 Simon Marsden took 4th place, whilst Farnborough Air Show’s very own senior safety consultant Keith Evans came 3rd with 31 points.  Arnold Jones’s 32 points secured 2nd place but I am delighted to report the day was won by Richard Talbot with an eye moistening 34