Buffalo Bill on fire with fabulous 46

L to R: Winner Bill Steinmann with Steve Younger.
L to R: Winner Bill Steinmann with Steve Younger.

PSC Growling Swan Golf, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill”

Oct. 21 Silky Oak G.C Stableford.

Buffalo Bill set the day on fire with a fabulous score of 46 points. Best at The Growling Swan to date.

Ten golfers signed up to play for the journey out to Silky Oak. A great course with too many water carries for this scribe.

Been a little while since we have played this course, and as said earlier it is a good course to play if you can hit the ball. But like all courses this one can break your heart just like a Bangkok bar girl. The course was in real good shape. They had had plenty of water (as the dams showed) which always means that water is kept up to the track.

Ten golfers allowed us to play only the one division with two placing’s and all novelties up for grabs.

It was Buffalo Bill Steinmann that set the day alight. His return of 46 pts was the best that I have witnessed here, and in talking to Bill his best score ever. Well done mate a great effort. Second home was Steve Younger with Vic Dicostanzo filling up the third spot.

1st Bill Steinmann (12) 46 pts.
2nd Steve Younger (11) 31 pts.
3rd Vic Dicostanzo (26) 30 pts.

Nearest the pins: 3. Bill Steinmann, 7. Bill Steinmann, 12. Keith Buchanan, and 16. Bill Steinmann.

Longest first putt: 9. Alex Field and 18. Steve Younger.

The day’s winner of the draw was Stuart Casa Rifkin, he was the winner of a medium pizza of his choice. Well done Rifkin!

Back at Bogey’s we welcomed Gerrard Lynch and welcomed back Tony Ryan, Vic Dicostanzo and Kevin Kennedy. Great to say and I am happy to report no farewells.

D-For was set free by Alex and the punters and players at Bogeys Bar and Grill were generous as always with their contributions towards the needy in Pattaya. All are thanked for this.