Breslin the bandit strikes again


The Backyard Golf Society

Our favourite scribe decided he needed to add to his property portfolio so has gone back to work for a month.  On hearing of his departure the caddies from Eastern Star and Emerald were seen crying into their somtan, no doubt missing Irish John’s sympathetic conversation and relaxed demeanor on the golf course!

A good turnout at Emerald on Friday, March 8, and an enjoyable round was had by everybody.  Don’t we just all love low season?

Uncle Tom Breslin showed everyone a clean pair of heels and now playing off the silver tees appears to be related to Zorro.  Hopefully the handicap secretary is a better swordsman and cuts Tom down to appropriate size.  Andy Oz took near the pin.

Mike the Taxi had six skins, the French Canadian had four skins, TC had four, Martin had one, Dan had one, uncle Tom had one and there was one rollover.

I think mention should be made of the improvement in the higher handicappers in the society, in particular Martin who has dropped nine shots and the overall improvement of Dan and Mickey.  Martin deserves further mention for the purchasing of a football square for a young lady down BC, a unique occasion indeed and to what end— nobody knows!