Bernek sails to victory



PSC golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Tuesday, Oct. 26, Plutaluang – Stableford

Twenty-two golfers set off from the Kronborg at 0815 hours under cloudy skies and arrived at the course forty minutes later.  Playing the East and South nines the starter sent us on our way at 0930 hours.

Tuesday’s winners: Ken Bernek, right, with ‘The Admiral’ Dave Richardsaon.

With carts only on the motorway rule in play, the first group completed the journey in five hours and thirty minutes which included two drink stops and a thirty minute rain delay.

The weather ranged from warm to wet and the greens played well.  The rest of the course should be handed over to AA and not used until it dries out.  It was somewhere between a quagmire and a lake.

Ken Bernek, the Polish hit, commented prior to teeing off that his golf was hotter than Sharon Stone’s interrogation scene in Basic Instinct.  This was a big call by Ken and put him under more pressure then Meatloaf’s bicycle seat to perform.  Time would tell if he was correct.

In the A Flight Ken turned out to be a soothsayer and scored 38 points to take first place.  His  round saw him have two ferrets (chip-ins) and a birdie on the first which included hitting a dog in a fairway bunker.  When asked if he had any more party tricks, Ken replied, “would you like me to swallow the flag for an encore?”  His group declined the offer.

In second place was Tom Thompson with a rock solid 37 points finishing ahead of Paul Avery on 34 and Mike Allidi rounded out the flight with 32 points.

In the B Flight the old sea dog Dave Richardson floated to victory and took the gold medal with an eye catching 32 points.  The silver medal went to Graham Buckingham on a count-back with 30 points and the bronze to John Sangaard.  The consolation fourth spot was filled by the Kronborg funny guy Jan Lovgreen with 29 points.

Near pins were won by Johan Reynisson on East 5 and Niels Hansen on South 4.  The long putt was won by Owen Walkley on South 9

We welcomed David Kirstuik from Canada, Tom Thompson from the United States, Bent Moller and John and Kurt Sangaard from Denmark and Bjorn Kristjohansson and Johan Reynisson from Iceland.

A Flight (0–18)

1st Ken Bernek (18) 38pts

2nd Tom Thompson (14) 37pts

3rd Paul Avery (10) 34pts

4th Mike Allidi (3) 32pts

B Flight (19+)

1st Dave Richardson (24) 32pts

2nd Graham Buckingham (23) 30pts

3rd John Sangaard (31) 30pts

4th Jan Lovgreen (22) 29pts

The Coveted Compass Cap was collected by Peter Hammond and fitted a treat.  He remarked that despite being as busy as a bandaid salesman at Custer’s last stand on the practice tee midweek, he couldn’t get on top of his game.

Deefa the dog, whose appetite would have seen him devour a sheep stuffed with rabbits, gratefully accepted all donations with a relish not seen since Joseph Jaggers broke the Bank at Monte Carlo.

Thursday, Oct. 28, Greenwood –Stableford

Twenty-three starters played the A and B nines, the first group teeing off at 0945 hours and completing the journey in four hours and ten minutes

The weather was fine, the course good, the greens sanded and the short rough deadly.

Playing off the white tees the course was longer than Highway One, which runs around the coastline of Australia.

Prior to teeing off one birdbrain sconned a fellow player on the bonce with a practice chip.  Fortunately it was only a lightweight practice ball.

We were looking forward to seeing Lester the squirrel in the drink hut near B4 tee, however he had done a runner and was nowhere to be seen.

We welcomed John Naponick from Cambodia, Rita Zoebelle from Switzerland, Neil Allison from Canada, Chris Dean and Warren Holland from the US and Christian Thein from Germany.

In the A Flight Paul Avery handed in 34 points to beat Niels Hansen and Walter Baechli on a count-back, with the latter pair coming second and third respectively, and Mike Gosden posted 33 points for fourth place.

In the B Flight Christian Thein was a runaway winner with 39 points.  In second place was the consistent Ken Bernek on 36 points while Mike Whingefield scored 31 points to place third on a count-back from Neil Allison.

The near pin on A6 was won by Bill Plath.  No one hit the green on B5 so the loot went into The Admiral’s slush fund.  Long putts went to Dave Roberts on A9 and Bent Moeller on B9.

A Flight (0–17)

1st Paul Avery (10) 34pts

2nd Niels Hansen (14) 34pts

3rd Walter Baechli (17) 34pts

4th Mike Gosden (10) 33pts.

B Flight (18+)

1st Christian Thein (31) 39pts

2nd Ken Bernek (18) 36pts

3rd Mike Whingefield (19) 31pts

4th Neil Allison (19) 31pts

The Coveted Compass Cap was collected by John Naponick who no doubt will bounce back to the winner’s podium after a couple of rounds under his belt.

Deefa the dog, who was that hungry he could have eaten a rat festered with fleas, was again delighted to relieve the gathered throng of a few baht for charity.  A huge thanks goes to all who participate in this activity of fund raising in the spirit in which it is meant.