Beaker branches out


The Backyard Golf Society

Well, high season is upon us and that scourge of the year-round golfer, the short-stay, no booking N.E. Asian horde has descended on the area.  It seems some clubs have fallen out of favour with these perennial invaders but Emerald has once again attracted quite a number.  It has to be admitted that they do a good job for the golfers, with buggies and clubs lined up on the way to the first tee well in advance of the arrival of the golfers, but why they cannot appreciate that regulars have bookings that they want to stick to is beyond all our comprehension.

Anyway, the winner of the Backyard outing this time was The Quiet Man who has been out of action with a ‘hammy’ far longer than your average over-paid EPL footballer (ballet dancer), but returned today to steal the loot by 1 point.

The near-pin was won by Foos yer Doos Cowe while Beaker Larsen won the most skins with 8, Foos won 5 plus last week’s rollovers, Who BRought Him won 3 and there were singles to The Quiet Man and Stitches Morgan (recently reunited with the ES caddy).

Khun Wattathwat has taken off Down Under for 6 weeks but his place as the main talking point in the round was taken by Beaker, who somehow lost a club in a branch, necessitating the use of another club to retrieve it.  Also, after a long absence we saw the return of Jimmy 2 Stone to the society, so look out down in B.C. again.