Back from the ‘Dark Continent’


The Backyard Golf Society

Russell “He’s a Victorian” Benson returned from another hitch in Cameroon to win the Backyard Golf Society outing at Emerald last week.  6 weeks without a game was not a problem to Russ, his 38-point haul winning by 3 from two others – ‘The Quiet Man’ Anderton and ‘Foos yer Doos’ Cowe.

Near-pin was a bit of a fizzer this time with no player in our 3 groups managing to find and stay on the green so that is rolled over to the next outing.

Russell Benson celebrates his win with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.Russell Benson celebrates his win with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.

There was a big spread in the skins with 4 each to Foos yer Doos and He’s a Victorian, 2 each to Jimmy 2 Stone, The Quiet Man and Dan the Diet Whiskey Man, 1 each to Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend and Second Hand Bob and 2 rolled over to this coming Friday.

Highlight of the after game activities was The Quiet Man’s generous spirit, buying 2 drinks (yes 2!) for young Lee in one the bars down the road.  This will no doubt brings gasps of astonishment from most who know him and we believe the hot weather had a negative effect on his mental faculties.  Surely this will never be repeated again.

Our Open Golf Championship pool was won by Yaya’s Delight, he paid 100 baht to Mike the Taxi for the winning ticket.  Mike, who claims he never wins anything, will look back on that sale as a serious lack of judgment.