Aspinall shines at Emerald

Jerry McCarthy (from left), Andres Van De Laan, Brian Keating and Pete Sumner.
Jerry McCarthy (from left), Andres Van De Laan, Brian Keating and Pete Sumner.

The Jomtien Golf Society

Monday, Jan. 21, The Emerald – Stableford

Ten groups out today with the fairest cut in the three divisions at 9-16.6, 17.2-19 and 20+ and there were only two scores equaling or bettering par. Colin Aspinall won division 1 with 38 points and the nutter Les Smith took second with 36. Then, seven points behind in third place Dennis Scougall beat Nik Evans on a 18/17 back nine countback.

Rob Somers topped division 2 with 35 points, John James was second on 31 and as always in combat with each other Barry Stirling beat the Welsh boy Mike Lewis 18/13 after they both came in with 30 points.

William Chang won division 3 with 33 points, Mike Fitzgerald was second on 31 and two 29’s were fighting for third place, and here Dave Howden beat Louis Wong on an 18/17 countback.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Nik Evans, Dennis Scougall and Les Smith, and (Div 2) Bruce Gardner, Jerry McCarthy, Rob Somers and Paul Whitnall.

Dennis Scougall birdied the 15th for the only two in division 1 and in the second division Dave Howden and Rob Somers birdied the 15th and Paul Young the 13th.

Wednesday, Jan. 23, Pattavia – Stableford

An amazing twelve groups out today and we were able to tee off 20 minutes ahead of schedule. There were 42 in the competition with the equal cut in the three divisions at 9-16, 17-22 and 23+ with 14 in each division.

Pete Sumner returned the highest score of the day, winning division 1 with 37 points. Niels Viuff was second one point behind and in his last game with us Phil Heath was third on 35 and Marc Brunner fourth with 33.

Jerry McCarthy won division two with 36 points, with Bill Kana second on 34 and then a 16/15/14 back-nine countback saw Mike Lewis take third place, Rudi Schaefer fourth and Paul Young just lose out.

Near pins were claimed by (Div 1) Jim Andrew, Marc Brunner, John Hughes and Pete Sumner, and (Div 2) Frank Grainger, Bill Kana, Dave Street and Harry Vincenzi.

Bill Kana, Jerry McCarthy, Dave Street and Louis Wong had the only 2s of the day.

Friday, Jan. 25, Eastern Star – Stableford

Another exact equal cut today and with 38 points Russell Goldsworthy won division 1 ahead of Bob Comartin in second on 35, Pete Sumner third on 34 and the buffalo boy John Hughes in fourth with 33.

Colin Aspinall won division 2 with 36 points and Paul Butler beat John Carlin on a 17/16 countback for second after two 33’s came in. Harry Vincenzi was fourth with 30 points.

The organizer Glyn Evans took the podium position in division 3 with 35 points, Tony Thorne was second on 32 with John Seton third on 31 and Andres fourth with 30.

Near pins went to (Div 1) Colin Aspinall, Mark Lang, Barrie Richmond and Mark Robertson, and (Div 2) Harry Vincenzi (3).

There were three rollovers in division 1 today in the 2s today and there were three smiling faces back at Frasers at the presentation; Russell Goldsworthy birdied the 17th, Mark Robertson the 6th and Pete Sumner the 17th and in division 2 Colin Aspinall the 17th.