Another lovely day for golf


PSC Golf from Billabong

Wednesday, December 11 Green Valley Stableford

This dry spell and recent strong winds certainly expose the deficiencies of the Green Valley irrigation system. Small oasis of green grass are in evidence where the sprinklers are operational but situated in a desert of brown grass, which closely resembles straw, where the sprinklers are not working and there are many. The tees are a case in point. Perhaps now St. Andrews is open they may give some consideration to repairing the system.

A lovely day for golf which saw Miss Yen (22) in 3rd place with 35 points but for only 1 point in three holes she might have challenged Miss Nu (15) in 2nd place with a tremendous comeback after the turn, dropping only 3 shots and included 6 pars. But Miss Nok (18) had a special day dropping only 4 shots on the way out for 23 points, 10 pars overall and a well-deserved 1st place.

There was a bit of a logjam in the men’s comp with three players on 37 points. George Barrie (21) missed out for 3rd place having 5 points less on the back and losing out to Arch Armstrong (10) on the last three holes. Arch had 2 blobs on the way home which conceded 2nd place to Kevin Wild (23) who had a steady round with 7 three pointers and 1 four pointer. William Peach (20) had 43 points to win the day which brings into question someone who plays off the silver tees, walks the first 9 holes on a warm, sunny day, and drops only 5 shots on the way home.
Only Auke Engelkes and Jeff North had a return for birdies on a par three.