Andy gets handy


The Golf Club weekly review

Monday, Jan. 30, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

T1st Andy Leach (9) 39pts

T1st Jack Grindvold (5) 39pts

3rd Masao Ishikawa (18) 38pts

T4th Peter LeNoury (12) 36pts

T4th Dave Ferris (20) 36pts

T4th Mark Wood (9) 36pts


Lots of winners of Capt. Phil’s handsome man vouchers today as 6 blokes squeezed onto a very crowded podium.  At the end of the day, it was Andy Leach who stood on top with Jack Grindvold to share first place honours.

The course has had some irrigation issues with broken sprinkler heads around the greens causing very wet conditions on the fringe.  They have got that sorted out now and all is good and dry so today’s play was very good for all.

Kenny Aihara, Bryan Carroll, Andy Leach, Blake Hanna and Zed Belogavec back at TGC.
Kenny Aihara, Bryan Carroll, Andy Leach, Blake Hanna and Zed Belogavec back at TGC.


Tuesday, Jan. 31, Crystal Bay (yellow tees) – Stableford

1st Andy Leach (9) 41pts

T2nd Blake Hanna (17) 40pts

T2nd Kenny Aihara (6) 40pts

T4th Zed Belogavec (19) 38pts

T4th Bryan Carroll (20) 38pts


Why don’t they spend a bit of the money we give them for green fees to clean up this run down clubhouse?  OK, I get it that there is a budget for everything and the golf course is the most important, but the lockers and showers have become some of the shabbiest in the area.  C’mon guys, time to get your act together here!

Course condition was rated good, but this time of year it should be great.  Weather was a bit windy and that helped to keep the heat down.

It was all Andy once again as Mr. Leach capitalized on his handicap to claim top spot.  He knows his days are numbered but that is the situation of any handicapping system at times, as there can be a period when your scoring is not equating to your talent.  There is no sand in Andy’s bags!

That said, the aforementioned Mr. Leach had an amazing round of golf that day.  Two eagles were recorded on the scorecard, one from B8 and one from C9 to add up to a great round of golf for Andy.  To top it off, he got the Caddy Smile near pin as well!


Thursday, Feb. 2, Greenwood A & B (white tees) – Stableford

T1st Peter Thomas (19) 39pts

T1st Kenny Aihara (6) 39pts

3rd Blake Hanna (18) 37pts

T4th Andy Leach (10) 36pts

T4th Steve Gamble (14) 36pts


We were here just 7 days ago but that did not stop the lads from filling the sign-up sheet and make for a great comp on the day.  This is such a lovely track you don’t mind the extra 15 minutes’ drive.

Peter Thomas was last month’s Medal winner and he is on a roll.  If it weren’t for our regular Kenny Aihara, Peter may well have waltzed off all alone for the victory!

Ben Denham should have his name up here much more often but his recovery from that shoulder injury is taking longer than expected.  Hopefully his near pin today is a step forward to that goal.


Friday, Feb. 3, Plutaluang (white tees) – Stableford

1st Andy Leach (9) 41pts

T2nd Kris Kritsanajoothra (10) 40pts

T2nd Louis Ventimiglia (23) 40pts


A very nice track in very mediocre condition is how we usually describe the Royal Thai Navy golf course.  It is good value for money and about 35 minutes from downtown Pattaya.  There are 4 nine-hole tracks here at Navy and some have big elevation changes in a beautiful hillside setting.

The name up top is no mistake, it is Andy Leach once again and Mr. Leach will be happy to find his tally for the week at 3 wins out of four!  For now, Andy is in his winning ways again and his 41 today sends a clear signal of his skills.

Kris K is back in town for the Mulberry Ryder Cup and his 40 today shows he is ready for action. Canadian Jeff Hanack is another Ryder teammate and won the Caddy Smile near pin.