Aiden lifts the medal


Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Feb. 12, Green Valley – Medal

A Flight

1st Micheal Deletraz  (12 ) et 71

2nd Peter Kelly (15) net 72

3rd Tony Cliff (9) net 73


B Flight

1st Vinnie Connellan (21) net 70

2nd Stuart Mann (21) net 71

3rd Bob Dantini (17) net 71


C Flight

1st Aiden Murray (24) net 66

2nd Jorn Finnerup (27) net72

3rd Eddy O’Meara (28) net 74


Near Pins: Ian Pickels, Stuart Mann, Vinnie Connellan, Jim Brackett.


You will note as you read on in this week’s missive, that monthly medal or not, Aiden Murray was always going to hold the title slot.  In a week of fine efforts he bought out his best on the week’s first outing and shot a sparkling net 66, thereby placing his name on the Lewinski’s wall of shame and he will also be added to the year-end gold medal completion.

Aiden’s net 66 was four clear of the field and six clear of his C Flight competitors.  Another consistent effort from Jorn Finnerup took him to that distant second in C Flight, still two ahead of the most knowledgeable 28-handicapper in the game, Eddy O’Meara.

In A Flight Micheal Deletraz shot a fine net 71 to take the top spot on the podium, one stroke better than his good friend Peter Kelly.  Tony Cliff edged a count back to close the flight with a net 73.

Aiden Murray.
Aiden Murray.

B Flight belonged to Vinnie Connellan with a fine net 70 and he was one clear of the tandem of Stuart Mann and Bob Dantini, with Stuart having the better maths on the back six (24-25).


Monday, Feb. 13, Silky Oak – Stableford

1st Ajit Amin (19) 44pts

2nd Harry Davies (26) 41pts

3rd Henk Derbraak (23) 41pts

4th Bearnt Motzenbacket (17) 37pts


As expected it was a smaller group that took the road from Lewiinski’s to Silky Oak as Colin’s Golf Bar took a day off.  The course was in fine condition and the weather was warm, which suited Ajit Amin down to the ground as he took the match honors with a splendid 44 points.  Ajit was three clear of a couple of pay window specialists, Harry Davies and Henk Derbraak, with the scales of justice tipping in Harry’s favor.

The calculator was out again to decide the fourth podium spot between John Kelly and Bearnt Motzenbacket, with John taking it to leave Bearnt at sea level and potless.


Wednesday, Feb. 15, St. Andrews – Stableford 

A Flight

1st Ajit Amin (19) 38pts

2nd John Kelly (18) 37pts

3rd John Murray (15) 35pts

4th Toyotom (10) 35pts


B Flight

1st Kelly Phelps (23) 45pts

2nd Jack Jackson (26) 38pts

3rd Hank Barrack (24) 37pts

4th Ichi Hiromter (21) 37pts


Near Pins: Andy Redman, John Mallet, Marcos Earp, Kevin McEntee.


St. Andrews was the venue for a stableford competition that required two flights with four places in each.  The course was in fine condition and the weather was ideal for golfing.

The scores today were excellent (considering that if you play to your handicap you have played well) and Kelly Phelps in B Flight was the man of the match with a fantastic 45 points.  Kelly was seven strokes clear of Jack Jackson while the third and fourth podium spots were decided on a count back as both Hank Barrack and Ichi Hiromter San were knotted on 37 points apiece.  When the knot was undone it was Hank who took the count back 17-15 on the back nine.

Ajit Amin the man on fire who stood atop the A Flight podium with 38 points for his second win on the trot.  As with B Flight, the calculator was required to sort out the minor flight places between John Murray and Toyotom San, with the scales tipping in John’s favour.


Friday, Feb. 17, Mt. Shadow – Stableford 

A Flight

1st David Dunne (20) 36pts

2nd Kevin McEntee (10) 35pts

3rd Alan Atwell(15) 34pts

4th Dougie Crowe (11) 33pts


B Flight

1st Barry Oats (26) 37pts

2nd Jayson Schembri (23) 36pts

3rd Tor Eliasen  (21) 36pts

4th Torben Lindgaard (28) 35pts


Near Pins: Kevin McEntee, Bob Stokes.


A trip to the very challenging Mountain Shadow was on the agenda for the Lewinnski’s and Colin’s golfing societies this Friday.  The course was, as always, in fine condition and the greens were very slick as the scores would suggest.  Again two flights were required with four places in each.

In a very competitive B Flight it was Barry Oates who did the best work as he carded a man of the match 37 points.  Barry was one stoke clear of his flight mates Jayson Schembri and Tor Eliassen, the resulting count back dictated that Jason took the silver and Tor the bronze.  A further count back was required to sort out the last podium spot between Torben Lindgaard and John O’Neil, which Torben took 21-19 to leave John at sea level and potless.

It was just as tight in A Flight as David Dunne filled the top spot with an even par round.  David was one clear of new arrival Kevin McEntee and a further stroke clear of Alan Atwell.  Again a count back was required to separate Dougie Crowe and Bob Stokes, the count back dictating that Dougie got to fill the podium as Bob got to join John.