A full house at Khao Kheow


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, Feb. 5, Khao Kheow – Stableford

We were packed out to such an extent that I had to phone the boss at Khao Kheow the previous Friday to increase our booking and they still slipped in.  So on the Tuesday morning it was packed at Bert’s as the players signed in and we got them into transport.  Still, all safely aboard, we were soon underway to the course.

We booked in and were soon to the start, which we were informed would be the C Nine, soon to be followed by the B Nine. ,We were away a bit early, and as we started at 1045 it was a good job as we were behind our normal time.

Tuesday winners, Steve Hamstad and Rita Zoebeli.Tuesday winners, Steve Hamstad and Rita Zoebeli.

The course was very full and we followed close behind the group in front.  The weather was fine, if a bit hot and windy, however the course was in good condition, and I suppose we made good time.  The greens were in good shape and the fairways also.

Soon around, it was time to have a cold shower and go upstairs to the fine restaurant.  The food here is excellent and the views over the course have to be seen.  However, having a relaxing time must come to an end and so it was back to Bert’s, even if a bit late.

Soon it was time for the results.  In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner was Steve Hamstad with 38 points ahead of a three-way count back on 34 points that saw Dave Nicholson in second, Max Scott in third and Brian Parish in fourth.

In the B Flight the winner was Rita Zoebeli with 38 points ahead of Brian Gabe in second with 36 points and Jack Robertson in third with 33 points.  In fourth was Tom Cotton with 30 points ahead of Keith Phillips on count back.

Near Pins:  Richard Kubicki, Steve Hamstad, Dave Nicholson, Bob Watson, Tom Cotton (2).

Long Putts:  Richard Kubicki, Mashi, Jack Robertson, Paul Alford

Friday, Feb. 8, Century Chonburi – Stableford

Really not a lot to say, but sometimes it just happens.  So, a course well laid out, at the end of a road that I will not take my car to, although Dick says you can go the back way, which is bad but not as bad.

This course has great potential, but unfortunately fails to achieve it.  Throw in a clubhouse that is akin to a no show and that says it all.  However, the green fee and the caddy fee make this a must if you just want a day out in the sun chasing a little white ball and you really cannot afford better.

So back at Bert’s it was time for the results.  The winner with 36 points was Joel Flor ahead of a count back on 33 points that saw Mike Gaussa in second and Don Carmody in third.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Brian Gabe, Don Carmody, Paul Alford, Mark O’Callaghan.